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Tantalus Ch. 01

by aaron

08/08/2016 03:44 in threesome

Eric sat in his car staring at the wheel. His thoughts raced around him as he tried to brace himself for the confrontation he was about to walk into. He could do this, he thought, biting his lip. He had to. He opened the car door and stepped out into the dark parking lot. Locking his car behind him

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Lucille and Mrs. Miller Pt. 04

by cuckolder

07/21/2016 07:06 in creampie

The Next Day (Part 04) This story is a total fantasy and there is no underage sex or cruelty involved. ***** When I woke up the next day I felt very apprehensive. When Mrs Miller had returned to the house the previous evening she was in a great rush. She had explained "I have had a phone call from F

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