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Sister Gets Banged Pt. 03

by cuckolder

08/18/2016 09:43 in cheating

Pls read earlier parts for better understanding of the character and the story... My story continues... ***** For the first time I slept all nude and that too sandwiched between to naked sexy women. Whole night while turning my dick would pork into either Neha or Angelina ass, I slept keeping my nud

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Wife Gets Carried Away

by cuckolder

08/04/2016 03:45 in threesome

Disclaimer: This story deals with Cuckolding and impregnation. Please do not continue if any of these subjects offend you. This is a work of fiction, meant to be enjoyed. Please click back if this does not suit your style. In a fantasy, there are no STD's, and pregnancies become nothing once you sto

lonely houswives wife gets carried away

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Sub Husband Gets Her Ready

by aaron

07/23/2016 18:30 in creampie

"Mmmm, you like that?" asked Sandra as she lay across me on the bad, her hand playing with my cock. "Yes," I said quietly. "Mmm, I know you do. I can feel you getting hard." Said Sandra. "You love it when I take charge don't you?" "Yes, I love it..." I said, feeling a wave of pleasure as she continu

silver bead bracelet sub husband gets her ready

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Sister Gets Banged Pt. 04

by Ajax

07/11/2016 00:59 in creampie

Pls read my story sequel for better understanding of the character and the story... My story involves my 3 sexy sisters and how I was able to full fill my much awaited fantasy of fucking them story continues... ***** We slept till late afternoon being awake for the complete last night fucking in an

clearance t shirts sister gets banged

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