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A Creamy Birthday Present

by Ajax

08/18/2016 20:27 in threesome

I would like to tell you about how I recently celebrated my husband Alan's fiftieth birthday, as it was a life changing occasion for the both of us. My name is Brigitte and I am forty eight years old. I have been married to Alan for well over 20 years now. We get on well and as the time has passed I

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A Creamy Fantasy Comes True

by aaron

07/05/2016 03:06 in threesome

** This is a true story - only the names have been changed to protect the naughty and the innocent ;) ** My fiance and I had been together for about 2 years when one evening, as we were lying in bed preparing to make love, the topic of our individual fantasies came up... *************** When I was 3

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