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Tantalus Ch. 01

by aaron

08/08/2016 03:44 in threesome

Eric sat in his car staring at the wheel. His thoughts raced around him as he tried to brace himself for the confrontation he was about to walk into. He could do this, he thought, biting his lip. He had to.

He opened the car door and stepped out into the dark parking lot. Locking his car behind him he began walking towards the building. Loose asphalt crunched with every forced step. He was beginning to sweat now, his hands were beginning to shake. When he got to the door he took one last longing look back towards his car. He indulged in a fantasy were he simply left all this trouble behind him, went back home, and never had to deal with what was to come. The fantasy was fleeting. He had gotten himself in too deep to be allowed to walk away. He didn't know what he was going to say when he got in there but whatever it was he would have to say it. Eric sighed, then pried open the door.

"Welcome to T.G.I. Friday's. We're a little busy right now so there might be a little bit of a wait," the hostess said. Compared to the silence he had been sitting in for the last fifteen minutes the restaurant was deafening. Cutlery clashed on plates, patrons at the bar shouted at their sports teams to put up more points or their bartender to put out more drinks, families laughed as they shared their stories, and Eric found it all a little more than he could handle.

"No, its fine," he told her. "I'm actually meeting someone here." She might have said something along with the nod she gave him but Eric didn't hear it. He scanned the building and didn't see his man, so he walked back further. The booth he was looking for was tucked back in a corner of the restaurant. Of course.

Eric sat down and looked at the man across the table from him. Arthur, at 6'4", was taller than Eric. He kept his black hair buzzed to around half an inch in length. That incredibly dark hair made his blue eyes seem piercing and Eric guessed that Arthur knew it well. While Arthur was in very good shape the most intimidating thing about him by far were those eyes. When Arthur leveled his gaze at you it felt like you were being singled out and taken in. It was like having a spotlight on you.

Arthur was giving Eric that look right now. "You're late," he said. "I'd say I was surprised but honestly I suppose it makes sense. Another ten minutes though and we would have had a problem."

"I'm sorry, you know how northbound traffic gets on Sunday nights." Eric hadn't been stuck in traffic of course. He had been sitting in his car. Arthur probably knew this but it was important for Eric to keep up appearances. On that note he made a conscious effort to steady himself.

Arthur waved the waitress over to their booth. "Could I trouble you for another?" he asked, handing her his drink. She nodded then asked if Eric wanted anything. Eric was about to tell her he was fine when Arthur said "He'll have another of mine. Thank you dear." When the waiter had gone Arthur turned to Eric and said "Don't worry, its on me. Its the least I can do." Eric didn't offer his thanks.

The two sat in silence until the waitress returned with their drinks. Arthur began nursing his but when he noticed that Eric wasn't drinking, he asked "I bought you a drink and you don't even touch it? That's just rude Eric."

"I don't really feel like drinking." Eric said, staring hard at Arthur.

Arthur ignored the look and replied "I would have figured differently. That's why I bought it after all. I thought it would make it easier for you to tell me you don't have my money."

They'd finally gotten down to business. Eric ran his hand across his face then looked back to Arthur. "You're not wrong. I don't have your money. Not all of it at least. I didn't come empty handed though. I have a small payment now. I thought that maybe we could set up a payment plan of sorts. If we could keep the payments at this," Eric slid an envelope across the table, "with payments coming once a month, I could get you paid back by the end of the year."

Arthur peeked inside the envelope, then put it in his pocket. "No. I'm not a fucking bank, Eric. You're not paying back a loan. There are no payment plans. You owe me ten grand. I'll be nice and count what you just handed over towards the principle, since it was technically on time, but from now on you have one month to get me my money. Each week you don't I'm charging five percent interest. If by the end of the month you haven't handed over the cash then I'm going to start seizing assets."

"Ok, maybe the payment plan was on too long of a time frame for you. I could maybe double it,"

"No. What did I just say Eric. I'm not a fucking bank." Arthur was staring straight at Eric and that gaze made it quite clear that this was not a negotiation. Eric was lost. He had known his original offer was never going to fly but had thought that maybe he could get an extension of some kind. Arthur clearly was not in the bargaining mood.

"Arthur, I can't get you the money in that time frame. You know that. Taking the hard line stance isn't good for either of us. If you just give me some leeway you'll make your money back and that's the point, isn't it?"

"You seem to be deliberately hard of hearing so I'll say it again. I'm not a bank." Arthur's composure had gone from civil to threatening; his eyes had widened in anger, his mouth grown taught, his hand clenched on his glass. "I didn't make you a loan. I'm not looking for a return on an investment Eric. You bought a service and are refusing payment. Those are two very different types of transactions. If you didn't have the money, you shouldn't have made the bet. I'm not going to save you if you weren't even willing to save yourself."

Eric started drinking. "Arthur," he said weakly. "I'm just a teacher. I don't have that money. I have a wife and a daughter I need to support and I'm the only income. Please, just work with me here. I'm trying to find a way to get you your money."

"You're a teacher? Then you should know that your 'the dog ate my homework' is my 'please I have a family'. I hear it all the time, it changes nothing, and honestly its almost always a lie."

Eric fumbled in his pocket and took out the picture he had brought with him. "This isn't one of those times." He sat the picture down on the table for Arthur to see. "That's my wife Sharon and my daughter Carolyn. Carolyn is taking real estate classes and Sharon was a stay at home mom until Carolyn moved out. I just can't fork over ten thousand dollars right now."

Arthur reached for the picture and stared at it silently for a moment. Eric realized he was holding his breath but let it out with relief when he saw Arthur start to relax. Arthur handed him back the picture after a few more seconds. "Look, Eric," his tone was now remorseful rather than aggressive. "I just can't work with the schedule you want me to. Truth be told, I was giving you a lot of room to begin with when I said you had until the end of the month. That money needs to be somewhere else by the end of the week. I was essentially fronting you the ten grand for three weeks. Your payment plan just isn't going to happen."

To Eric's credit he stayed well composed. Inside though he was reeling. If he had to get that ten grand now his wife would notice. It would destroy their budget. If he had to stop paying for his daughter's expenses...this could destroy his family.

"But..." What? Had Arthur just said 'but'? That was what Eric needed. His whole body tensed up. "I might have a solution for us. I was going to pay someone with that money. If you do the job for me I'll wipe your debt. I'll even give you an extra five grand for it."

This wasn't what Eric had wanted but did he have another choice? He was basically being offered fifteen thousand dollars for a job. Suddenly instead of worrying about devastating his family budget Eric was thinking about supplementing it. There was risk though. What would he be getting himself into?

"I need to know what you want me to do before I say yes. It's not worth it if it only gets me further in debt to you."

Arthur laughed at that. "You're right to be concerned. Even I have to admit that. You don't need to worry though. This is a walk away job, literally. I can't tell you anything specific unless you commit because once I do I can't risk you not going through with it. I will tell you that its completely non-violent though, if that was a concern for you."

Eric was worried but really what choice did he have? If he said no, if he lost his his family over this, he would never be able to live with himself.

"Ok," Eric said, "I'm in."

* * * *

Was that him? That had to be him. Dark red jacket, Packer's cap, white shoes...there certainly wasn't anyone else wearing all three. Eric steadied himself, then walked over and sat down on the bench next to the man. The two of them sat there on their phones for a few minutes.

After what seemed an interminably long time to Eric the other man collected his stuff, stood up, and began to walk away. Eric looked over at where the other man had been just a moment ago and sure enough there were two credit cards left behind. Eric palmed them and slipped them into his jacket pocket before going back to aimlessly staring at his phone. He waited another five or so minutes before he stood up, grabbed the carry on he had packed, and left the bench behind.

Eric followed the signs for baggage claim and made his way out of the airport. When he walked by the guards at the security checkpoint his heart skipped a beat but they gave him no trouble. Why should they?

After Eric was outside he made his way over to the parking structure where he had left his car. He had parked on the basement level where it was empty. His footsteps echoed around him, muffled by the dark concrete. Arthur was leaning against his car, waiting for him.

"How you doing Eric."

"Could be worse." Eric reached into his jacket and handed Arthur the two cards he had picked up.

"I told you it would be a walk in the park," Arthur said. "Easiest money of your life I'd wager."

That had been bothering Eric actually. All he had had to do was pick up a few cards from a drop in the airport. Was that really worth fifteen thousand dollars? What had he actually just done? "I've worked harder for money, we'll see if that means it was easier."

That got a laugh out of Arthur as he handed Eric back one of the cards. "It's a pre-paid. Your payment is loaded onto it and ready to use." Eric took the card from Arthur with a curt nod.

Arthur stood up off of the car and began to walk away but turned around to say "Eric...I did this because I could tell how much your family meant to you. Remember that."

Eric's face drew into shame, and while it hurt him to say it, he replied "Thank you. It's not going to come to this again. I'm done making bets I can't see through."

If Eric hadn't known better he would have thought the look Arthur shot him was one of pity. Without saying anything further Arthur left Eric alone in the garage.

Eric managed to get into his car before he broke down. It was over. All the tension he had had bottled up inside him came streaming out and he just at there shaking, his head in his hands. It was over. Somehow he had made it out. Now he could put all this behind him. This chapter of his life was closed.

* * * *

Arthur leaned back in his usual booth at the dive bar where he had set up shop. A little bit of himself hated that he conformed to cliches (a bookie in a bar?) but he had to admit, it drew in customers. He had given Eric about two weeks before reaching out. He wasn't sure what exactly was going to happen here, but he couldn't imagine he didn't have the upper hand. He had had his eye out for an opportunity like this for some time and he wasn't going to let this one slip away because he wasn't prepared.

Arthur had time to order another drink at the bar and do decent damage to it before Eric walked in. Eric looked painfully uncomfortable in the bar despite having been there a thousand times before. He knew every corner of that dimly lit room. That smell of alcohol, cigarettes, and mold was something he had long ago grown accustomed to. More over, Eric was quite familiar in particular with that booth in the back corner, with its faded, red leather seats and its dark wood table stained from countless spilled drinks. For all that though, Eric looked like a churchgoer who'd wandered into a den of sin. His eyes were large and his body tensed.

Arthur waved Eric over knowing full well that he would know exactly where to go. With some hesitation Eric moved to the back of the bar and sat down across from Arthur. "Why am I here," Eric asked.

"Well that's good," Arthur said back. "Whenever you don't cut to the chase it's because you have something to hide. I could always tell which of your bets you couldn't cover by how long it took you to place them. I take it things are going well for you then, congratulations."

"That's not an answer," Eric said back. "I got your message and I showed up, I'd rather not be dicked around."

"There's no reason to be rude. We've been on a first name basis for almost a year and a half now, maybe I just missed your company."

"Half a month ago I thought I'd never be back here and now here I am. I've been going to meetings and I'm pretty sure seeing your bookie is against the rules. Please, just get to whatever it is so I can leave."

Arthur nodded his head in acknowledgment. "I'm sorry, I hadn't considered that you might be in some kind of recovery. I'm not trying to get you to place another bet. Honestly, I wouldn't accept it if you tried and I'd be very upset with any of my colleagues who did."

"That's...considerate of you." Eric said back, his voice a mixture of confusion and simple thanks.

"Unfortunately, Eric, I haven't brought you here for good news. Actually, you're not going to be leaving here in a good mood at all, I don't expect." That had noticeably worried Eric.

"What the hell is going on Arthur."

"Well, here's the thing, as you might have expected I'm not just involved in gambling. I have my hands in a couple other pockets as well. This is about the job you did for me."

"I fucking knew it," Eric said through clenched teeth. "I knew that was going to come back to bite me in the ass."

"Don't be too angry at yourself for doing it. It's not like you had too many options in front of you."

"What about being angry at you Arthur? You're the one who's about to do whatever it is you're about to do to me. And you're going to do it with that fake 'I'm your friend' bullshit you always use. Can I be angry about that?" Eric's fists clenched up on the table, his rage was beginning to grow.

Arthur's demeanor snapped into cold professionalism as he softly told Eric, "You're going to want to calm down. You've never caused me trouble Eric but you've been around when someone has. Only a fool doesn't learn from others mistakes."

At that, Eric forced himself to simmer down some. In his peripheral vision he saw Arthur's muscle sit back down in his chair. "Just hurry up and fuck me over already."

Arthur was apparently relaxed again because he had laughed at that. "You'll get the joke in a minute," he told Eric. "As I was saying, I've called you here about the job you helped me with. I noticed you've taken the money off the card. The thing is, that money is directly involved in illicit activities. By taking the money out of the account, you've become a party to them. For better or worse, you're involved now."

"God damn it Arthur..."

"The fact of the matter is you're the one who is exposed here. You're the one who went to an airport to catch a flight, hung around for a little, and then just left. There's no reason to think that you're currently suspected of anything but there's also no reason to think that a nudge in the right direction couldn't change that. Now..."

"You're blackmailing me," Eric cut in. "I get it. You're blackmailing me. Just get to it. I told you earlier I'm done acting as a fucking cat toy for you to swat around." Eric had thought this might happen. He had been worried about it weeks ago when Arthur had first offered him the chance at 'redemption'. What Arthur had said earlier wasn't wrong though. Eric hadn't left himself much choice at the time, he had had to do it. Earlier today when Eric had gotten the call to meet Arthur he had been terrified of this possibility. Now that he knew for a fact that it was happening the terror had left him. In its place Eric had simply become removed.

Arthur hadn't expected Eric's resolve. "Fine. One of the other businesses I'm involved in is pornography. It's almost impossible to make money in the porn industry for reasons that I'm sure you know of. There is, however, a niche that we believe people would be willing to pay for. That niche is actual footage of porn that has traditionally only been fantasy. One of those subjects is student-teacher."

"Fuck you," Eric shot back.


"No. Go to hell. I'm not sleeping with one of my students for you. Even putting aside the fact that I might lose my job, I'm a high school teacher."

"Not only do I recommend for your own sake that you pick a student who is of age, but I insist on it. We don't want the heat that comes with underage porn."

"It's not happening."

"You don't have a choice here Eric."

"This blackmail goes both ways. What if I were to go to the cops? I have just as much information to work with here as you do."

"If you think that's true you're an idiot. You don't even have evidence that there was a crime involved. Even if you did, I'm insulated from it. It wouldn't cause a single hiccup in my life. I, however, have enough information on what happened at that airport to make sure you're ass fucked in a prison for at least the next ten years."

Eric was smoldering. He had expected to be used for grunt work, something with exposure that Arthur didn't quite want to put his own guys on or dish out the hazard pay for. The jobs he had imagined himself being forced into were so far removed from his real life that they seemed abstract. This, though, intersected directly with his real life. It felt personal.

None of that even touched on the fact that he was essentially being asked to cheat on his wife. He couldn't do that. Sharon was his world. If it came out he had slept with a student he'd lose his job and his family in a single stroke. What was their left for him after that?

Arthur could tell that Eric was struggling to accept this. "What are you worried about Eric? Losing your job? I could take that away from you anyways. Losing your wife? Again, I could take her away from you already. Isn't that how you got here in the first place? If your wife knew the extent of your gambling problem, assuming she even knows about it in the first place, or if she were to find out the terrible criminal dealings you're now involved in, it would be over anyways."

He was right. All the things he might lose by doing this he would definitely lose if he didn't. His back was to the wall, and if he was honest with himself, he had backed into that corner all on his own. He had no right to rage against it. All he could do was try and play it out.

"What, exactly, do you want from me."

"It's nothing too much. A video, with audio, of you and a student together. If you need we can get you a camera to film it on. If you could make it happen somewhere that looks like its a classroom or your office that would get you a bonus. The only other thing is we need her acknowledging that you're a teacher on film."

"How long do I have."

"Let's say two weeks."

Eric stood up from the booth and asked "Are we done then?" Arthur nodded back and Eric walked out of the bar.

* * * *

The past hour barely even seemed real to Eric but when he opened his front door and stepped into his house things seemed to go a little bit back to normal. The familiarity of his home calmed Eric. There was nowhere else in the world that he could feel as comfortable. Raising a family somewhere will do that.
"You're back late," his wife Sharon called from the living room. Eric walked out of the narrow hallway his front door opened into and joined his wife on the living room couch. He practically sank into it. Until that moment he hadn't realized how exhausted he was. He had been tense for hours, since he had received Arthur's message.

His wife turned her attention away from the TV to give him a worried look. "You ok?" she asked him.

"Just a long day," he said. "My boss is really starting to ask a lot of me." Eric cursed inwardly. It may have been a lie but it ran a little too close to calling Arthur his boss. That thought made bile rise in Eric's throat.

"I'm sorry baby," she said. "Are they trying to get you to teach geometry again?"

"No, its just administrative stuff."

Sharon moved over next to him and rested her head on his shoulder, placing her hand on his chest. Eric let out a sigh and leaned his head onto hers. Sharon had always been self-conscious about her figure but Eric couldn't imagine someone he'd rather come home to. Sharon was skinny, with B cup breasts and, Eric had to admit, a flat ass. He didn't mind it at all though, actually he preferred it. She felt that her vibrantly green eyes clashed with her light blond hair and in the past had tried dying her hair darker, but Eric had always loved her natural coloring. Her face was round, which alongside her small 5'6" build made her, well, adorable. It made Eric just want to wrap her up in his arms and hold her.

The two had met in high school. Most people thought it was cute that the two high-school sweethearts had married but their hands had been forced. The year Sharon graduated, when she was eighteen and Eric twenty, she had become pregnant. The couple had decided that they loved each other enough to tie the knot and try and raise the kid.

Sharon had always meant to get back to work at some point but after their daughter was born it had never really materialized. Eric had managed to put himself through a four-year college with the financial help of both his and Sharon's parents as well as more hard work than anything else in his life had taken before or since. When he managed to land a job at a high school the couple had taken up root and moved.

They had planned on having another kid some day but they were stressed enough financially as it was. Carolyn, their daughter, had just graduated and was in her first semester at a local college. Eric and Sharon were only just beginning to cope with the empty nest and had been thinking over their choice not to have a second child. At the ages 38 and 36 respectively though it was mostly just daydreaming.

Really the last thing they needed was another kid. The two were happy. Honestly, they were happier than they deserved. High school sweethearts who married young at the end of a shotgun have, and this will no doubt be a shock, a high divorce rate. With one very large exception the two had had a successful and happy marriage. This was as close to the dream as either could have hoped for.

Eric began absent mindedly running his hand through Sharon's hair as he decompressed and she responded by slowly tracing her fingers across his chest. "You know," she said, beginning to move one of her fingers in languid circles, "I might know a good way to deal with stressful days."

"There's nothing meditative about painting the bedroom. I told you I'd get around to it later this month."

Sharon laughed a little under her breath, then reached up and kissed her husband. Eric wrapped his arms around Sharon and pulled her in close as he kissed her back. Sharon pulled her mouth away from his, "You're damn right you will."

"Oh?" Eric said. "Make me." He picked Sharon up in his arms and threw her down on the rest of the couch, landing down on top of her, his arms pinning her on either side. Sharon shrieked playfully as she fell before breaking out into laughter as she pounded her fists against his chest. Eric just ignored her. He trapped her fists against her chest as he leaned down on top of her and silenced her laughter with another kiss.

Sharon gave into it as her playful resistance faded. She unpinned her hands and slipped them under his shirt, running them up and down his back before she began to slide the shirt off of him. Eric raised his arms to help then began taking her shirt off as well. Hurrying, Sharon fumbled at the buttons on his jeans, her eyes smoldering. Eric sat up to get them off, then reached his thumbs into the waistline of her shorts. He ran his thumbs over her hips a few times then pulled her shorts and underwear off in one fluid motion.

Eric laid back down on top of her, enjoying the sensation of her naked body against his. He ran his hands down her side, stopping at her thigh. He moved his hand to her inner thigh and slowly pushed her legs open before moving his hand up to her sex. Sharon was already wet and gasped when she felt Eric first push a finger inside of her.

She pulled his head down and continued to kiss him while her other hand snaked between her legs to help. She took his hand and delicately folded another two fingers into position to enter her. Eric obliged and slipped them inside. He slowly moved his fingers into and out of Sharon as she rocked her hips in time.

Sharon reached down further and grabbed Eric's cock in one hand beginning to jerk it in time to his fingering. They lay their in each other's embrace like that for a while longer, enjoying the feel of their lover's hands. Then, Eric slid further up Sharon and pushed himself inside of her. Sharon had become soaked and he slid in with one thrust. Sharon let her head fall back as a moan escaped her lips.

Eric pulled himself out almost completely before slowly sliding back in. Sharon wrapped her arms around his back and pressed herself against him, rocking her hips faster. On cue, Eric began picking up speed, pushing himself in and out of Sharon.

Eric moved his hands up above Sharon's head and she responded by moving her's down onto his waist. He began going more quickly now, pounding in and out of her as she pulled him along. "Oh, God" she moaned, "Oh God yes."

Eric looked down at his wife. Her blonde hair was in disarray around her, her eyes hooded as she took in the feeling of Eric filling her up. Eric leaned down and gently bit on her neck as he kept the pace of his thrusting.

Sharon's body began to tense underneath him and her hands found a firm grasp on his shoulder's. "Don't stop," she panted. "I'm so close." Eric kept going, moving his mouth up her neck to nibble on her earlobe. Sharon continued to tense up, then release, then tense up. Each time she grabbed his shoulders more forcefully. Then, finally, she began slamming her hips up to meet him as her guttural moans grew harsher. Her nails dug into his shoulder blades and he felt her whole body shudder as her orgasm took her.

When it passed Sharon let out a deep breath and ran a hand through Eric's hair. Satisfied that his wife was satisfied, Eric let himself slowly edge towards his own climax. He had slowed down his pace after his wife had cum but he started picking the pace back up. Sharon's pussy was soaked and Eric couldn't hold himself back any longer. He slammed into Sharon with one final thrust. She grabbed onto his hips and held him their as his cum filled her up.

Spent, Eric collapsed down onto his wife. He just lay there, burried in Sharon, as she ran her fingers through his short hair. When he had grown soft he pulled himself out of his wife and they rearranged themselves so that they were laying side by side on the couch. "God I love you," Eric told her.

"I love you too baby," Sharon said back, smiling warmly. She pressed her ass back onto his crotch as she snuggled in more tightly. Eric cupped one of her breasts in his hand and Sharon laid her own hand over his. They stayed there like that as the sound of the TV lulled them to sleep.

* * * *

Eric sat at the front of the classroom, ostensibly grading papers. His class sat in their desks, ostensibly finishing up the problems he had put up on the board. Realistically, both were just moving their pens around and staring blankly at their papers as they waited for the bell to ring. The class was looking forward to it. That bell released them to their weekend. Eric, however, was dreading it.

Saturday would mark the two week deadline that Arthur had given him. When that bell rang it meant he would have to do what he had to do or accept whatever Arthur would do if he didn't. Eric knew he couldn't risk crossing Arthur. He didn't have the cards in hand to make a stand right now. If he wanted to get out from Arthur's thumb he would need to comply until he had a move to make.

Eric had given a lot of thought to how he wanted to do this. As the youngest male teacher in the school he had a handful of girls who were unabashedly flirtatious around him. He knew that most of those girls would follow through on their flirting but he also knew that by the time they left the room all of their friends would know about it. He needed a student who would be incentived not to let it get out.

The bell rang and Eric felt his nerves start to catch up with him. "You all know the work that's due Monday. Make sure you get it done, you want to give yourself time to study for the quiz on Tuesday." Some of the students acknowledged him but most of them just left the classroom as quickly as they could. Before Eric knew it he was left alone with his thoughts.

He gathered up his papers and made his way to his office. It was placed behind a door at the back of the classroom. It was a small office since Eric hadn't been at this school very long and he was at the bottom of his department's pecking order. The door opened up on the left corner of the office; the office itself measured only four feet deep and stretched another seven feet down along the wall it shared with the classroom. Eric's desk rested at the far wall and most of the rest of the space was taken up by different cabinets.

Eric sat down at his desk and set the papers he had been pretending to grade down next to him. The silence in his office had Eric thinking once more about what he had to do.

When Eric had put his mind to it there was one student that seemed like the right choice. Sarah Frost was a senior in his AP calculus class. She was a good student, too. Eric had talked to her other teachers and she was doing well in all her other courses. Unfortunately, she was not a very good calculus student.

Sarah had set her sights high and the prospect of taking the D in calculus that she was looking at was not something that she was willing to accept. To her credit she had been trying hard; she studied for every quiz and every exam, completed every assignment, did everything she could to learn the material. It didn't seem to be enough though. Some people just weren't meant for math.

Sarah was the perfect target (and Eric felt his skin crawl when he caught himself thinking that). She was of legal age, she had something to gain from sleeping with him and she had a good reason to keep it quiet. If it got out that she had slept her way to a passing grade in his course it would be far worse for her than just taking the failing grade. In Eric's mind that made her three for three on the checklist.

Eric had his doubts though. Would Sarah actually go that far just to pass this single class? Was she that worried about just one grade? Eric thought she might be. She had been trying to flirt with him in a painfully transparent attempt to get him to be more lenient with his grading. Did that mean she would sleep with him? No, but it might. Eric was backed into a corner and she was his best bet to get out of it.

Eric was snapped out of his thoughts by a knocking on his office door. He turned around in his seat and standing in his doorway was Sarah. "Mr. Collins?"

"Oh, hi Sarah. Sorry, I was grading papers. You ready to get started? I was thinking that we could just work in here today."

"Yeah, that works for me."

Eric stood up and motioned for her to take a seat at his desk. He moved his papers out of the way and she replaced them with her notebooks. When Eric had come to the conclusion that Sarah would be the student he was going for he had offered to tutor her after school. They had been meeting in his classroom for the last week and a half. Each time Eric had waited for the opportunity to just fall into his lap no matter how obvious it was that it wasn't going to happen. He was out of time now though. He would have to make it happen himself.

Sarah was opening up her notebooks to the most recent homework assignment and flipping her textbook to the corresponding page. Eric had to admit, if he had to sleep with one of his students he wasn't too upset it was Sarah. She had straight, auburn hair down past her shoulder blades. She was a little mousy, and her glasses didn't help that much, but honestly that had never turned Eric off. Her boobs looked like B cups to him but it was hard to tell since she never showed them off. Her ass was surprisingly large considering how small she was. It wasn't big by any means but it looked like it had something to grab onto.

"I'm having trouble with problem 37," she said, once again snapping him out of thought.

"What kind of problem is it?" he asked back.

"Function analysis. I don't understand why my graph doesn't look like the one in the book."

"Well let me see your work," Eric said. He kneeled behind her and leaned over her shoulder to look at her homework. As he leaned over he set his right hand down on her thigh. He felt her stiffen a little at the unexpected contact but she seemed to accept it without any issue. "Ok, well whats the major difference between your graph and the right answer?" he asked her.

"Um, well there's a hole on the book's graph. But I don't know why. I double checked my work and there isn't a critical point there."

"Well," Eric answered, "you're right about that. You shouldn't be getting a critical point there." As he talked he kept his hand still but began to slowly rub her thigh with his thumb. "You're looking in the wrong place, you're over thinking it. Look back at the original function and tell me what you see."

Sarah spent longer looking at the problem than she probably should have but Eric couldn't be sure that wasn't because she was being distracted. "Oh my god," she finally said. "I'm so stupid. There's a hole because it's a rational function."

"Good job." Eric squeezed her thigh as he said it and when he released the pressure he began to move his hand up and down it. "See? You can do this stuff. Your problem is you get inside your head and overlook the simple things you already know."

"Um, Mr. Collins?" Sarah was looking down at his hand.

"Yes?" Eric continued to slowly move his hand on her thigh.

Sarah just stared at it for a moment and when she turned to look at Eric with a confused look on her face he seized the moment. Eric leaned in and kissed her.

Sarah's initial reaction was shock and she made no move to reciprocate the kiss. Eric could practically hear the gears turning in her head as she processed what was happening and what it meant. After what seemed like an eternity to Eric she returned the kiss.

He felt her lips part ever so slightly. It was far from the most enthusiastic kiss he had ever had but she was giving him the green light. Eric began to push the kiss forwards, opening his mouth more, and Sarah reciprocated. When Eric slowly started to use his tongue he found it met by her own. He pushed it between her lips, gently, and felt her swirl the tip of her tongue around his.

As the two continued to make out Eric turned his desk chair around so that their angle was less awkward. His hand became more adventurous and he ran it up and down the full length of her thigh. His other hand held the back of her head as he kissed her.

Eric broke the kiss and took a step a back before turning and walking to the office's open door. Sarah was just staring at him. "Are you sure you're ok with this?"

Sarah thought for a moment but when she spoke she simply said, "Yes."

Eric shut and locked the door to his office so that they wouldn't be disturbed. He quickly shot a glance at the camera he had set up on a cabinet in the back corner of the room to make sure it was on. Satisfied that everything was as set as it was going to be Eric walked back over to Sarah. He reached down and helped her stand up out of the chair and began to kiss her again. As his tongue began exploring Sarah's mouth his hands reached down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. She broke away from him and raised her arms over her head to help Eric take the shirt off then moved back in. Eric's left hand reached up to her back and held her close to him as he worked to unhook her bra. When it fell away Eric found himself a little shocked. He had been expecting B cups but honestly her boobs were not much more than bee stings.

As Eric began to take his own shirt off Sarah slipped out of her skirt and underwear. When Eric's shirt cleared his head he found himself staring directly at Sarah's naked body. She stood there with her wrists crossed, not really sure what to look at or what to do with herself. The first thing he noticed was how small she was. She might have stood around 5'10" but her frame was miniscule. Eric then found his eyes going further down and he found his second shock, her bush was hardly trimmed at all and it was just as auburn as her hair.

"Have you ever, you know, been with someone before?" Eric asked her. It hadn't actually occurred to him that she might not have.

"A couple times, yeah." she said, thoroughly embarrassed.

Eric had no reason to doubt her. He was a little relieved actually. He would have felt awful if this had been her first time. She deserved better than that.

He finished taking his clothes off and when he too was fully naked he reached out and pulled Sarah against him. He kissed her once more as his hand reached down and grabbed her ass. He hadn't been wrong about that, it was the only part of her that had any meat to it.

Eric spun her around so she was facing away from him and then pulled her back up against him. The top of her ass cheeks were pressed firmly against his now hard dick. With his left hand he began slowly trailing a circle around her nipple, spiraling inward, until he was gently rubbing her boob. His right hand did the same thing but then began to slide down her stomach to her hips and onto her thigh.

As he cupped one of her small breasts he moved his right hand onto her inner thigh and slowly opened her legs. The hand moved up her thigh until it rested on the inside cusp of her hip. He trailed his fingers back up her hip onto her pubis then ran his fingers down through her pubic hair. With a single finger he traced her slit down and back up. At first he moved his finger as lightly as a feather but with each pass he applied just a little more pressure. Finally Eric slipped his finger inside of her. He began to work it in and out, slowly, until he felt her start to moisten. At that, Eric slipped a second finger inside of her and continued working them in and out of her.

Eric's other hand continued to play with Sarah's breasts, alternating between cupping them and playing with her nipples. Feeling Sarah grow wet was making Eric incredibly hard. His hips rocked as he grinded his cock against her ass cheeks. Sarah closed her eyes and leaned into it, allowing Eric to continue fingering her.

At last Eric felt she was ready. He let go of her and sat down in the chair. He then positioned Sarah so she was facing away from him and pulled her ass down towards his lap. She got the hint of what he wanted and lowered herself down. Eric took hold of his erection and lined it up with Sarah's pussy. Grabbing her by the hips Eric slowly brought her down onto his cock.
Sarah responded with a sharp intake of breath and Eric moaned. He began moving her up and down on his dick. Before long Sarah had gotten the hang of it and was rocking herself on him. Sarah was bent forward which gave Eric an amazing view as his dick disappeared into her. Her pussy's lips were spread wide around him.

Eric had begun thrusting his hips up to meet her each time she pushed herself down. "Say my name," Eric said, panting.

It took Sarah a moment to realize what he meant. As she gyrated her hips she began to moan "Fuck me Mr. Collins."

Hearing that flipped something for Eric. He moved her off of his lap, stood up, and shoved her notebooks off his desk. He took hold of Sarah's shoulders and bent her over the desk. After he positioned himself behind her Eric thrust himself back inside of Sarah. He was pounding her now; each time he buried his dick in her there was a meaty slap as her ass jiggled. "Oh fuck, Mr. Collins, oh god," Sarah continued to moan.

Eric grabbed hold of her auburn hair and arched her upper body back towards him. He felt himself getting closer to orgasm as he sawed in and out of her pussy. This wasn't how he wanted it to end though.

Eric pulled out and sat back down in the chair. Sarah moved to go back to their first position but Eric stopped her. When Eric pulled her down into a kneeling position before him she understood. Sarah didn't waste any time and took Eric's dick into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on his cock as she sucked him off.

It was far from the best blowjob he had received but it didn't matter. He had been close when Sarah had started sucking his dick but the sight of her doing it was pushing him over the edge. He had seen Sarah sitting out in his class every day for months. Now here she was with her lips wrapped around his cock head.

That did it. Eric pushed his dick a little bit further into her mouth and began shooting his cum down her throat. Sarah swallowed the first rope but began to cough on the second. She jerked her head away and in her coughing spat out some of his cum. Eric wasn't done though and the next few ropes landed squarely on her face. Eric was exhausted but the sight of Sarah's young face covered in his cum, strands of it dripping off her chin, almost had him ready to go again.

Instead Eric just leaned back in his chair and let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. Sarah silently cleaned herself off and got dressed again. Eric joined her in putting back on his clothes. He knew the look he saw in Sarah's eyes. It wasn't sexual satisfaction; it was shame. Now that Eric wasn't lost in a nubile fantasy he was barely keeping the tide of his own shame back.

When Sarah was ready to go she made her way to the office door. After she unlocked it, she turned back around and for the first time since Eric had kissed her made direct eye contact. "Needless to say, I'm getting an A in this class and the most glowing recommendation of my life."

Eric stared at her, a little taken aback by her sudden conviction. "Needless to say," he replied, "no one ever knows about this." The two held eye contact for a couple of seconds before both looked away. Sarah left the office and closed the door after her and only then did Eric allow himself to feel what was coming.

What had he just done? Sarah was his student. She was a high schooler. Had he really just fucked her in his office? Everything he had built his life around, his family, his was all opposed to what he had just done.

Oh god, Sharon. He'd just cheated on Sharon. How could he have done that? The one major fight they had ever had, the only time they had ever come close to leaving one another, had been when Eric had found out that Sharon had slept with someone else. It made sense, he knew. At the time they had only ever been with each other. Of course she had gotten bored, searched for something else. He had been getting bored himself. That had almost destroyed them though. Now he had done exactly the same thing knowing full well how much it would hurt Sharon if she ever found out.

Eric stood up and turned off the camera. At least this would get Arthur off his back. That was the one and only good thing to come out of today.

* * * *

Sharon was in the kitchen making dinner when she heard the knock on the door. She turned the stove down a little then walked over to the front door. When she opened it up a man with short black hair and shockingly blue eyes was standing on her porch.

"Hello, Mrs. Collins?" he asked. "My name is Arthur. There's something we need to talk about."

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