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Four Weddings and a Baby Shower

by Gary

08/20/2016 07:15 in creampie

[This is a Jack Grierson story, following from the 10 Chapters of Her Fiancé's Father.]

* * * * * * *

1. "Everyone is horny at weddings," said Jack, leaning back on the bar. "You just have to press the right buttons."

"Most everyone at weddings is already hooked up," countered Howard. "So what's the point?"

Jack Grierson and his old friend Howard Wentworth were at the wedding of Howard's older daughter, Taylor at the Old Ivy City Club. The Wentworths were old money and she was marrying Bradley Morgan, alum of an elite prep school and Harvard, now a rising star on Wall Street. The evening ceremony was just over, the Best Man and Maid of Honor had both done their speeches and the toasts had been drunk. The reception party was in full swing. Howard had booked the entire club and half the guests had changed into swimsuits to take advantage of the pool. Howard had flown in one of the best DJs in the business and the small dance floor was also full.

"That's exactly the point. Almost everyone's hooked up and taking their partners for granted. It's a potent combo -- horny and ignored. You can take your pick of women."

"For example?"

"Look at the Maid of Honor, the little Pakistani girl, Jia Khan. She's definitely a hot little number, let me tell you. And secondly, check out that woman who's just pulled herself out of the pool, the one in the black bikini."

The woman Jack alluded to was wet up to her neck and dripping, but she'd kept her head above water. Her dark hair and dangly earrings were dry. Her powder blue eyes were clear, with no redness from the chlorine.

"That's Nikotai Mathieson, she's in Art School with Taylor. See the guy right by her? That's her fiancé, Russell Paine."

Nikotai was in her early twenties, with just enough fat to give her a mouth-watering shape. She was not classically pretty, but had just the right curves set to a man's pulse racing -- a generous, but tight ass, full, rounded breasts and an incredibly sexy abdominal swell, set off with a perfect belly button.

"She's hot and looking for it," said Jack.

"She's getting married to Russell next week. If she's hot, she's hot for him."

The DJ put on a new track and as the heavy beat drifted out, Nikotai began to gyrate her hips and undulate her shoulders, causing her firm breasts to jounce in a sensual manner. She backed her ass into Russell, running her butt crack up and down the front of his shorts. He continued to talk to one of his buddies, oblivious to her movements. However, her sexy display got Jack half hard.

"Just look at him ignore her," Jack breathed. "She's asking for it and he's giving her the brush-off."

"I wouldn't waste time with her," said Howard.

"And why not?"

"She was complaining to me earlier this evening. She said you've been staring at her since the champagne brunch this morning. She says you give her the creeps. She called you an 'old geezer'."

"So she knows I'm interested. I'm going to talk to her."

"Now don't make a scene, Jack."

"When have I ever made a scene?" asked Jack.

"When have you not made a scene?" countered Howard, rolling his eyes.

"Wish me luck," said Jack, walking way.

Jack seated himself on the picnic table just by Nikotai, staring at her quite obviously now. He was so close that she could not miss him, though she continued to swivel her ass against Russell and pretended not to notice him. Jack knew she was glancing at him from time to time under lowered lashes.

"Hi," Jack said as the heavy beat of the music from inside died down at the conclusion of the number. "I'm Jack Grierson."

She did not respond, but Russell broke off talking to his friend, leaned over and extended his hand saying, "I've heard about you, Mr. Grierson. I'm Russell Paine, how do you do?"

Jack shook Russell's hand and then forced the issue by sticking out his hand towards Nikotai saying, "And you are?"

She took his hand reluctantly and shook it gingerly.

"Nikotai Mathieson," she said.

"Interesting name, where does it come from?"

"Inuit," she said without elaboration.

"But we call her Nikki," broke in Russell.

"Blue eyes, white skin, you can't have much Inuit in you," said Jack. "What do you do, Nikki?"

"Art School," again she was brief, inviting no continuation. Russell went back to talking to his friend, discussing the off-season football trades. A water fight was breaking out in the pool and Nikotai turned away, as though this was of great interest to her. She had her side to Jack now -- her rounded breasts and the smooth curve of her belly made for an incredibly sexy profile. The cold of her wet bikini was making itself felt and her stiffening nipples made prominent indentations in her bra.

"What kind of art do you specialize in?"

"Modern. I work on symbolism using body parts." She thought that the technical jargon would shut him up.

"Realism like Mappelthorpe? Or more abstract like Rakina?"

She looked at him with surprise.

"Do you follow art?"

"Just a bit. I'd love to hear more about your specialty."

Nikotai was pleased in spite of herself. This guy Jack was a creep, but at least he seemed interested in her work, unlike Russell.

"I do legs and mid-sections," she said. "Abstract."

"Do you use your imagination or a reality base?"

Her astonishment grew and her widening eyes gave it away.

"I use a reality base," said Nikotai. "I usually use photographs of athletes' bodies and then extrapolate from there."

"You have an athlete's body," said Jack. "Your breasts are too big for a runner; my guess would be a swimmer."

"I swam the 400 and 800 free," she said. "Varsity in high school and college."

"Ever think of moving up the human body a bit? Doing something like Initiation Amoureuse by Ballivet?"

"Reality-based phallic art? I've thought about it, but it's hard to get good, real-life models."

"Did you check any models out?"

"A few. But nothing I saw inspired me. Those phalluses in Ballivet's work are just too big to be believable."

"You really should consider it more seriously. That retro erotic art from the mid 1900's is now the biggest thing in body parts art. I heard that one of Ballivet's original pieces went for $50,000 last month. And copies of her prints are going for $5,000 and up."

"How do you know all this? Do you deal in art?"

"No, I'm just a businessman. But I keep my eyes on the markets." After a pause, Jack went on. "I could help you."

"How?" Her tone was carefully offhand.

"I could get you some good models. And if you produced something of good quality, I could introduce you to some dealers."

"Drop me an email,"

She started to turn away, when Jack continued.

"Give me your cell phone number, I can send you some material right now."

I can always block him later, she thought and gave it to him.

She was pleased when he became engrossed with his phone, typing and swiping. She turned her attention to Russell's conversation with his friend, but they were still going on about the draft prospects of one of the candidates for the Heisman. She was stimulated by her conversation with Jack about the art that she loved. She could not bring herself to pretend interest in the sports talk.

Her phone buzzed, indicating an incoming text. She picked it up and saw that the notification screen indicated a number she did not recognize. She looked over at Jack and he said, "That's probably from me." Was there a trace of mockery in his smile? She could not be sure.

It was certainly more interesting than Russell's sports talk, so she opened it. Her mouth dropped open involuntarily. It was a huge erect cock with an enormous purplish head and a drop of pre-cum on the tip. The shaft had a network of thick veins on it, but otherwise the skin had a smooth metallic sheen that emphasized how hard it was and gave it the look of a sculpture. But what gave it scale was a woman's hand attempting to encircle the shaft. Even if she were a small woman, the fact that she could not even begin to get her thumb and forefinger around the shaft's circumference made it clear that this was no ordinary cock. It was the biggest penis she had ever seen.

She looked over at Jack with big, round eyes and realized she was gaping like a goldfish. She shut her mouth and tried to look nonchalant. Jack's expression was impassive, giving nothing away. She looked down at her phone and realized that there was a second message with another photo attachment. She tapped on it.

It was the same cock but this time the head was out of view, in the mouth of a woman. The only parts of her that could be seen clearly were her lips. They were painted red and encircled the shaft. Her mouth was stretched and it was clear that she had made a great effort to swallow the massive head. She had obviously fellated the cock, for there were traces of her red lipstick a bit further up the shaft -- but not much. Nikotai could not imagine that any woman could engulf much of that gigantic cock.

She switched between the two images quickly, noting the date and time. They were both taken at the time of the morning's champagne brunch. She squinted at each image and then used her fingers to expand each one. The woman had glossy, red nail polish and wet-look coral red lipstick. Examining the images carefully, she spotted a pinky ring with an engraving in Arabic lettering on the edge of the first image. Finally, she closed the texts, put down her phone and looked away towards the pool again. Jack did not attempt to fill the silence. For a while, they both listened to Russell and his friend's continuing sports talk, the words going in one ear and out the other. Finally, Nikotai moved over and sat by Jack on the picnic table. Russell was engrossed in his conversation and did not notice her move. She leaned over and whispered in Jack's ear.

"Isn't that the Maid of Honor, Jia Khan? And she's fellating and sucking on your cock --"

Jack nodded.

"My God," she breathed. Nikotai knew Jia very well, since she was also at Art School like all of Taylor's bridesmaids.

"Nikki! Nikki! Come over here, we need you!" It was the white-gowned bride, Taylor Wentworth, calling and waving her left hand with her prominent new wedding ring. Nikotai abruptly stood up and left without a backward glance at either Jack or her fiancé, Russell.

* * * * * *

2. Taylor was in her white, shoulder-less bridal gown, surrounded by her bridesmaids. Some were in their matching bridesmaids' gowns, the rest in bikinis like Nikotai. They were swigging champagne, sitting around a large silver ice bucket that contained three magnums of Dom Perignon. As soon as Nikotai came up, Taylor handed her a crystal flute of champagne.

"What were you doing, chatting up Jack Grierson?" she asked.

"He's been eyeing me all day," said Nikotai, taking a sip of her drink. "It was getting creepy, but then he started talking to me about art. He knows quite a lot -- it was more fun than listening to Russell go on and on about football."

"The man is a despicable turd," declared Taylor. "My mom says that he's an embarrassment, always trying to pick up women, even right in front of their husbands. If she had her way, he would never have been invited. But he's an old friend of Dad's and he insisted."

"I read on the internet that men who compulsively chase women have small dicks," said Rebecca Belle, one of Taylor's bridesmaids, a statuesque girl with white-blonde hair with an hourglass figure. She wore a red bikini with blue flashes that showed off her figure to great advantage. "It's called phallic compensation theory."

All the girls were overcome with a fit of infectious giggling. Nikotai strained to giggle with the others.

"Well, it certainly must be true in this case," said Taylor. "I've known Jack's son, Martin since middle school -- and let me tell you, he's small down there! Like son, like father I should think!"

This brought forth squeals of laughter, especially since the girls all knew Jack's son Martin socially -- he was a member of their set. Nikotai looked at Jia out of the corner of her eye. Her big, round tortoise-shell glasses had slipped down her nose and she pushed them up with one finger. The petite beauty had a fixed smile on her face and she was not giggling. Taylor saw this and poked her in the ribs.

"Come on Jia," she said. "Why so serious?"

Jia forced herself to giggle too, but it sounded unnatural.

"Don't know," she said. "I guess I just need some more champagne to loosen up."

Taylor accepted this at face value and refilled her Maid of Honor's champagne flute.

"The article also said that such men pursue women who are unattainable as bedmates because they are sexually cold," said Rebecca. "So you must be frigid, Nikki! Maybe we should all go the Russell's bachelor party next week and give him something to remember!"

This was greeted with gales of girlish laughter.

"Ice maiden!" crowed Taylor.

"Princess Snow!" said Jia.

"Frosty Nikki!" said another bridesmaid.

Each epithet was greeted with was renewed laughter. Nikotai flushed beet red, but tried to smile to show she was a good sport. Jia, I know what you've been up to, she thought. And we both know that Jack's cock is anything but small.

* * * * * *

3. The way Nikotai reacted to the image of his monstrous cock in Jia's mouth, Jack thought things were going his way. He thought he only had to work on her steadily for the rest of the evening to get her into the same position as the elfin Maid of Honor.

So he was surprised to find that Nikotai scrupulously avoided him for the rest of the reception. Even when a large portion of the guests decamped to the Hilton bar -- the very hotel where he maintained a suite -- he found that he could not get near her. Taylor and her bridesmaids stayed together in an exclusive 'girls only' group and drank steadily. He felt like he was a voyeur at a bachelorette party. As it got past midnight, most of the older guests left. The groom Bradley Morgan, Nikotai's fiancé Russell Paine, Jia's fiancé Shoab Akhtar, Rebecca's fiancé Stavros Panapoulos and the other young male guests congregated by the bar. Those remaining were now exclusively twenty-somethings and Jack felt out of place. He gave up trying to approach Nikotai and drifted away, settling himself into a corner booth in the bar.

* * * * * *

4. Nikotai knew that the bridesmaids were watching her like vixens. She knew that exchanging a single word with Jack would lead to renewed and merciless teasing. So she was relieved when she saw Jack finally settle into a corner of the Hilton bar, away from the rest of the guests.

His departure caused her to become much more animated to compensate for her relative reticence when he had been present. Everyone was quite drunk now -- the bridesmaids had gone through magnum after magnum of Dom Perignon.

Nikotai had just thrown on a mesh tank top over her bikini and put on her high heels to walk over from the City Club reception to the Hilton next door, so she had no pockets. Her cell phone was stuck in the front of her bikini panties, so in spite of her alcoholic buzz she felt the vibration of a text message coming in. She wondered if it was Jack again, idly thinking how appropriate it was to have a sex text causing vibrations right by her vulva.

Jack: Here's a short clip of Jia this morning.

Nikotai fished a wireless ear-bud out of her bag and stuck it in her ear, cupped the phone screen with her hand to shield it from prying eyes and hit play. It was a masterfully produced video, just over three minutes long. The first ten seconds showed a slow motion version of the still image she had seen of the red painted lips on the gargantuan cock. The sound of Jia's lips sliding along the smooth, hard rod and her choked breathing came through clearly on the ear-bud. Then over the next fifteen seconds, the video pulled back very gradually, showing cheeks, nose and finally eyes, forehead and hair. One of Jack's hands was in Jia's hair, guiding her gently back and forth. One of her hands was on his hard, well-defined abs and her pinky ring with the Arabic lettering was clearly visible. The fingers of her other hand were interlaced with Jack's other hand. She was still wearing her big, round, tortoise-shell glasses.

Then Jack pulled her off him and she brought her free hand down, trying to encircle his thick shaft -- and failing to do so by a good margin, as Nikotai had already seen.

"My God, Jack," Jia gasped. "You're a monster!"

Now Jack's hand in Jia's hair moved her lips back towards his cock. Nikotai saw her opening her mouth as wide as she possibly could to engulf his huge purplish cockhead. Her red 'kiss-proof' lipstick could not resist his musky pre-cum and some of it smeared on his shaft. Her jaws were stretched to their maximum extent and her full lips made a red flower around his manhood. He started to fuck her mouth, gently at first, but at the one-minute mark of the video, his thrusts became faster and faster. Jia was gagging on Jack's cock now and her breath came in choking gasps, clearly relayed on the audio. Her nose and eyes were running and saliva mixed with Jack's pre cum drooled out of the tight seal her lips made around his shaft.

Now both of Jack's hands were in Jia's hair and he grew a bit rougher. Almost all of her lipstick was gone now, coated on his shaft. The video drew back a bit further to show her on her haunches, clinging to Jack's wrists with both her hands. She was wearing a red camisole with black lace-up back, a matching thong and black stockings and garters. Her red Maid of Honor dress lay on the floor in the background.

The difference in their sizes became obvious now. He was about six foot two, whereas she was just over five feet tall; he weighed just over two hundred pounds, she was only about half that. She had barely a third of his immense length in her mouth, but his cockhead was clearly already stretching her throat. Her pert, firm little breasts rocked rhythmically with his thrusts, causing the lace on her bodice to heave. Her big, brown eyes were bugging out of her head and she was close to panicking.

"Come on, Jia .... Come on girl ... you can do it ... " Jack's tone was soothing, even as his fucking was urgent. "I'm going to cum ... you've got to swallow ... swallow, don't gag ... swallow, don't choke ..."

Then Jack's hips juddered, he groaned and began to cum. The first gout was the largest and even though Jia strove mightily, she was only able to swallow about half of it. The rest of the thick, viscous ejaculate burst out of the corners of her mouth and some even dribbled out of her nose. Jack came in two more gouts, each smaller than the last. He withdrew from her mouth to spray the last on her face and hair. The shining blobs of semen shone like pearls. Several small globules caught on the top rims of her glasses. They hung there trembling, before sliding down and creating smears on the lenses. Jia coughed and spluttered as though she was nearly drowned.

Jack massaged some of the semen into her hair saying, "You are a quick learner, Jia. When you marry Shoab Akhtar in two weeks, he is going to be happy that I taught you this."

The video ended, snapping Nikotai back into the present. She slid the phone back into the crotch of her bikini panties and looked around to find that she was sitting next to Jia. She was wearing the red Maid of Honor dress that Nikotai had just seen in the video, lying in a crumpled heap on the ground. On a whim, she reached around Jia, traced the lace-up back of her camisole, and cupped one of her pert little breasts.

"I love your red and black lingerie," she whispered in her ear, conscious that she was slurring a bit. As look of terror crossed Jia's face, Nikotai tossed back her champagne and refilled her flute. Her phone vibrated again, and she pulled it out.
Jack: How did you like the video?

Nikotai: You're a bully! Poor Jia!

Jack: I think she enjoyed it.

Nikotai: You nearly drowned her! She was freaking out!

Jack: Her panties were soaked through.

Nikotai: I don't believe you.

There was short pause before Nikotai's phone vibrated again. She pulled it out and tapped it to see the red and black thong Jia had been wearing in the video. It had been pulled inside out, displaying the 'La Perla' tag. The tiny white crotch liner of the thong was discolored to a dull yellow. It was dry and crinkly in the picture, but it was obviously encrusted with a significant quantity of a viscous fluid.

Nikotai: You have her thong?

Jack: Unless she bought or borrowed another one, she's commando.

Nikotai: You are a pig.

Jack: After she sucked me off, I fucked her. She was the one screaming like a stuck pig. She came twice. You want to hear her?

Nikotai: No.

There was a short pause.

Jack: Send me some pictures in return.

Nikotai did not respond. She slid her phone back into her bikini panties, and went over by Taylor. They kept drinking and Nikotai's slurring grew worse. But everyone else was just as drunk, so it seemed normal. Anything anyone said seemed unbearably funny and she was laughing hysterically. Everyone found her incredibly witty too, and she got laughter in response to everything she said. She was having a great time.

Taylor summoned Jia to sit by her other side saying, "I wish my Maid of Honor to attend me. Jia, come here."

Nikotai remembered that Jia was commando and without thinking further said, "Let's all take crotch shots of ourselves and share them. Sisterhood bonding!"

Everyone laughed again, louder than before.

"Yeah!" said Taylor. "We'll see if we can identify each other."

More laughter.

"Who'll start?"

"Jia!" said Nikotai. "Maid of Honor first, bride last!"

This brought even more shrieks of laughter, followed by calls of "Jia! Jia! Jia!"

Jia stood up and swayed -- with her little frame she was even drunker than many of the others. Nikotai steadied her and pulled her phone out of her bikini panties. She set it on camera and handed it to her. Then she called the other bridesmaids to form a screen around her. Drunk as she was, Jia had a hard time hiking up her gown. Nikotai had to help her. She also held her wrist steady as she aimed the camera at her crotch. Jack was right -- she was commando, she had no panties on. She took the picture, dropped her gown and handed the phone back to Nikotai.

"Rebecca, you're next," said Nikotai.

Rebecca giggled madly. She had a T-shirt and a short skirt over her bikini. Nikotai handed her the phone and they formed a circle around her as they had around Jia. Rebecca pulled down her bikini panties and was about to take the crotch shot, when Nikotai said, "No squeezing your legs together! Just for that, you'll have to squat and take a shot of your open lips!"

The others shrieked anew and echoed Nikotai saying, "Squat, Rebecca, squat! Squat, Rebecca, squat!"

Rebecca laughed as well and did as she was bid, displaying the full glory of her vagina and clitoris to the camera. The girls all screamed when they saw that Rebecca had a small gold ring through one of her pussy lips. Nikotai reached forward and caressed the pussy lip, causing the ring to shake. She saw that it was inscribed "REBECCA" in runic lettering.

And so it went, bridesmaid after bridesmaid. Then it was Nikotai's turn. She unfastened the ties on her bikini panties, squatted on her high heels and took the picture of her thick, dark pink nether lips. Now it was Taylor's turn. She hiked up her heavy bridal gown. Rebecca and Nikotai helped her. She wore a white thong that she pulled down and slipped off her ankles.

"Wait, we've got to get Taylor ready for the bridal suite!" said Rebecca. "She's got to be horny and ready for Brad's cock!"

"Yes," Nikotai said, amid the giggling. "It is our duty as bridesmaids to make sure Taylor is well-lubricated!"

Taylor screamed, "No!" but they held her down. With all the commotion in the bar, no one paid them any more attention, especially as Taylor was surrounded by her bridal party and invisible to anyone else. Rebecca and Nikotai began to trace the outlines of Taylor's nether lips with their fingers, taking turns at running a fingernail over her clitoris. Taylor soon stopped protesting and was panting as they got her excited. They kept working her, getting her feminine juices to flow and her clit to become swollen and red. Just as she began to shudder, indicating the onset of her orgasm, they stopped. Taylor begged them to get her off, bringing forth more screams of laughter.

"That's Brad's job," said Nikotai. "We just got you ready."

Then she took a picture of Taylor's wet crotch with her distended and swollen clitoris. In her drunken state it seemed a good idea to taunt Jack with her riches.

She typed a quick text: You wanted something, Jack. Here's something for you to jerk off on!

Then she sent a series of texts each with one of the bridal party crotch shots.

It was barely a minute before her phone vibrated again in her bikini panties.

Jack: Wow! I could spend the next week looking at these.

Nikotai: They're numbered. Tell me if you can recognize Jia's vagina. And for a bonus try and recognize mine.

Jack: What do I get if I guess correctly?

Nikotai: Nothing. Just jerk off, you creep.

Jack: Jia is number one. And you are number seven.

Nikotai did not respond. Jack was correct. But how could he have recognized her vulva?

Jack: I hope to see yours in real life soon.

Nikotai: In your dreams, asshole. I'm getting married next week.

Jack: I could fuck your brains out for a week and you would still be a faithful wife.

Nikotai could not believe she was carrying on this conversation. She would never have done so in person.

Nikotai: I've nothing more to say to you.

* * * * * *

5. Nikotai was very drunk when the party at the bar finally broke up in the wee hours. She leaned on Russell, but he was bombed as well. They held each other up in the elevator and stumbled into their hotel room. Russell fell into bed fully clothed and went out like a light. Nikotai clambered beside him on her hands and knees. In spite of her state, she could not block out the images from the video of Jia and Jack. All the sexual horseplay with the bridesmaids had added on to that -- she was very horny and the liquor could not extinguish the fire in her belly.

She unzipped Russell and pulled down his pants and boxers. He was flaccid. She went down on him, sucking his dick to try and spark some life. Nothing. He was totally unresponsive and just lay there, snoring gently.

She untied her bikini panties again, lay on her back and closed her eyes. With her fingers, she worked on herself. She re-opened the video of Jia and Jack on her phone and the images and sounds very quickly brought on a powerful orgasm. She thrashed on the bed and the shook it hard enough to get Russell to mumble in his sleep, "What's goin' on?" But he did not wake. In the warmth of her afterglow, Nikotai soon fell asleep as well.

They both rose very late the next day with splitting headaches. Even though they were in bed together, they had no desire to fuck each other. Finally around noon, Nikotai dragged herself to the bathroom, brushed her teeth and began to get ready. As she was drying herself after her shower the realization of her antics of the previous night began to sink it. Everything she had done with the girls was probably safe -- they had a mutual interest in keeping their wild activities secret -- but she had sent sexual images to Jack!

She snugged her panties into place and snapped on her bra before rushing out to retrieve her phone from her bag. Russell was trying to keep his eyes closed, groaning every now and then. She took the phone back to bathroom and locked the door before opening the photo album.

She went through the images one by one. Some were rather blurred, so they were virtually unidentifiable. Jia's thighs were tight together, so her vaginal entrance appeared as a straight line adorned with wispy, black down. Rebecca's was very clear and very explicit -- she had a clean-shaven pussy so her smooth pink pubic lips were bare and her prominent clitoris was not obscured. Her widely splayed thighs showed the even paler pink of her vagina and her gold pussy ring hung in plain view.

With trembling fingers, she swiped to get to hers. She hoped that the image was distorted or obscured by an intruding finger. When she saw it, her mouth dropped open and she covered it with her hand. The image was even more graphic than Rebecca's. Like Rebecca, her pussy was clean-shaven. Her pubic lips and clit were a few shades darker. Even though she was squatting like Rebecca, her obsessive vaginal exercises -- Kegels -- ensured that her strong nether muscles held her pussy lips together and displayed relatively little of her vagina. However, her clitoris was another matter. It was swollen, distended and angry red. The image had caught a drop of her feminine fluid in mid flight and another drop hung precariously on her clit. She was obviously very excited. This looks like something out of a porn movie, she muttered to herself.

But what really had caused her to gasp was that her tattoo of a little green serpent was plainly visible. It had been etched encircling her vulva, so close that it could be covered by the teeniest thong. The snake's head disappeared into her vagina, creating an intensely erotic image. Russell knew about it. And if he saw this picture, he would recognize it instantly.

* * * * * *

6. In the succeeding days, Nikotai got caught up in the excitement of her own wedding. It was barely a week away. Her bridesmaids, her mother, her wedding planner, her seamstress and her personal shopper created a female cocoon around her and she lost count of the texts, snap-chats and social media messages that she exchanged with them. She had asked Rebecca, who was also in Art School with her, to be her Maid of Honor.

She was taking a break from the preparations and enjoying a luxurious breakfast with Russell at the Metropole rooftop restaurant. They were talking about their upcoming honeymoon in Bermuda when her phone buzzed indicating yet another incoming text. She ignored it and kept chatting with Russell. After about half an hour, she swiped the screen to look at the notifications and saw that the text was from Jack.

Jack: I've talked to some art agents. They are potentially interested. Think you could produce some rough sketches in the next couple of days?

Nikotai: No way! I'm getting married at the end of the week!

Jack: Just rough sketches. Can't take more than an hour.

Nikotai: Shows how little you know! Nothing can be produced in an hour.

"Who are you texting?" asked Russell, seeing her knitted brow as she tapped on the screen of her phone.

Nikotai looked up guiltily and then realized that her current exchange was completely innocent. So she smiled.

"Jack Grierson. He said he can help me sell some of my work."

Russell gave a short, barking laugh.

"Jack Grierson! The man is despicable! Didn't Taylor tell you all about him?"

"Only that he is an incorrigible skirt chaser. But I think I can take care of myself."

"That's not all there is to him," said Russell, his voice becoming hard. "He's really beneath us, you know. You should have nothing to do with him."

"What do you mean?"

"He's a low class thug," Russell began. Then he cleared this throat and took a sip of his coffee. "His father was in the army, not even an officer, a sergeant or something. He went to a fancy Ivy League university on some kind of military scholarship. He obviously couldn't afford to go there any other way. While he was there, he managed to seduce Carmen St. James, the heiress to the Foncault Group. But he soon showed his true colors -- he raped a female faculty member and was thrown out -- he never graduated. Only the army would take him, it's the place for losers like him. Why Carmen stuck with him and married him is beyond me. He was obviously just after her money."

Nikotai Googled Jack and found an online bio. It said nothing about his being at college, but merely noted that he had served a three-year tour with the Army Special Forces before joining his father-in-law's business empire as a junior manager. He had worked his way up and was now Chief Executive of the Foncault Group, whose sales exceeded 20 billion. She wondered about the true story behind these bald lines.

"Well, it says here that he worked his way up to Chief Executive of the Foncault Group," said Nikotai. "He must have done pretty well."

Russell chortled.

"It's just a title to keep his wife happy. His Executive VP Casey du Paige, handles all the real business. I've dealt with her -- she's a sharp cookie and real looker too -- beauty and brains."

"I see," said Nikotai. "Didn't you bid against the Foncault Group for a contract a few months ago? What happened?"

"They beat me," Russell admitted. "That's what I mean about Casey du Paige. It was all her doing. Jack was just along for the ride, he didn't do anything."

Nikotai's phone buzzed again.

Jack: Meet me this evening. How about the Metropole rooftop?

Nikotai: Why the Metropole?

Jack: You're there now, aren't you?

Nikotai: How do you know?

Jack: I've got an App that downloads the GPS locations transmitted by phones I'm communicating with.

Nikotai: You're a creep!

Jack: But a smart one.

Nikotai: Just a creep. Who did you rape at university?

Her phone went dead and she thought she had gotten rid of him. But as she walked with Russell toward the elevator, her phone buzzed again. She swiped the screen and saw it was another text from Jack. There was no message, just the picture of an inside page of a student newspaper from two decades ago. QUARTERBACK JOHN GRIERSON LEAVES UNIVERSITY TO JOIN THE ARMY read the headline.

'John C. Grierson Jr., the university's successful sophomore quarterback has announced that he will not be returning in the Fall to lead the football team. He has decided to leave the university with immediate effect to pursue a career in the army. Grierson was accused of rape by English literature professor Elizabeth Smythe Warren, a case that never came to trial. Grierson has never denied having sex with Warren and has accepted that he is likely the father of her child. However, he has always maintained that the sex between them was consensual and has offered to take on debt to pay for child support, an offer that Warren has rejected. When asked, both Grierson and Head Football Coach Gordon Dean said that the quarterback's departure was not related to Warren's accusations of rape.'

Nikotai: How do you know that it was you that knocked her up?

Jack: I was banging her bareback twice a day for over two months. Three or four times on weekends. Her husband always used a condom -- he didn't want children.

Nikotai: You brute!

Jack: So will you meet me this evening? At the Metropole rooftop?

Nikotai: I might come back here. I might not.

Jack: I'll take my chances.

As Nikotai rode down the elevator with Russell, her phone buzzed again. She swiped it right away and immediately cupped the screen with her hand. It was a close-up of a colossal dick, with the cockhead out of sight, buried in very pink vagina. White lace-covered stocking tops were just visible at the bottom edge of the picture. The pubic lips were stretched and its tightness had stripped back the cockhead's covering of foreskin, which was puckered over the shaft. Nikotai flipped into her photo reel, and clicked back and forth a few times, comparing several photos. By the time the elevator doors opened on the ground floor, she was sure. It was Jack's cock and it was thrust into Taylor's pussy. The date and time indicated that it was her wedding night.

* * * * * *

7. The valet at the Metropole pulled up with Russell's special AMG Mercedes SLK500 Roadster. Pulling up, he came around and opened the passenger door for Nikotai. He took her hand and steadied her as she lowered herself to slide into the low-slung car, while trying to keep her very short skirt from riding up and displaying her panties. She was slightly disappointed that Russell had not thought to help her.

Russell merged into traffic. He put a hand on her bare thigh and slid it up under the short skirt to run his fingers over her panties.

"Looking forward to becoming Mrs. Russell Paine?"

"I told you that I am going to keep my name!"

"Oh come on, Nikki. The Mathiesons are well established, but you've got to admit that we Paines are higher on the social scale. You're marrying up, dearie! And I'm happy to share my name with you."

Nikotai had heard this before been amused by it, but somehow this time it irritated her. Russell's phone rang through the car speakers.

"It's my colleague Mark from the office," he said. "I need to take this call. I'll drop you home Nikki, and then go straight into work."

She nodded and his tone was all business as he turned his full attention to Mark. She heard something about the Hong Kong market and then tuned it out. Then her phone buzzed again.

Jack: Did you recognize who was in the picture?

Nikotai: Yes.

Jack did not respond immediately, so she texted back.

Nikotai: How did you manage it?

Jack: All of you were totally wasted by the time you left the bar on Taylor's wedding night. Brad was in even worse shape than Taylor. I found her trying to get him into the elevator. So I helped her get him up to a suite.

Nikotai: The bridal suite?

Jack: Yes.

Nikotai: And then?

Jack: We manhandled him on to the big king bed.

There was a buzz and another photo came in. It showed the decorated bedroom of the bridal suite all festooned in white. There were white silk streamers tastefully tied on the four posters of the bed and white chiffon wound around the headboard. There was a silver bucket with a magnum of Dom Perignon in it.

Nikotai: She was drunk! You took advantage of her, you beast!

Jack: She was horny, she really wanted it. And she had a great wedding night. I fucked her three times and she lost count of how many times she came.

Nikotai remembered how horny she had been herself and how she had unsuccessfully tried to suck Russell to an erection that night. She thought of how Rebecca and she had gotten Taylor so close an orgasm and then stopped. We set her up for Jack, she thought guiltily.

Jack: Do you want to see it?

Nikotai: Taylor is one of my best friends. I don't want to see you violating her on her wedding night!

Jack: I didn't violate her -- she's my best friend's daughter! Take a look, Nikki. Then you can decide for yourself.

Nikotai did not respond, but her phone buzzed in a moment anyway. It was a video. She put in her wireless ear-bud and tapped 'play'. It began with a panning shot of the bridal suite. Brad lay on his back on the bed, still in his tux. Jack had his arms around Taylor. The camera followed his hands as he drew the zipper of her bridal gown down her back and then moved up to show him kissing her. Her arms were on his chest and she was trying to push him away. Nikotai stopped the video.

Nikotai: How did you get this video? It looks like a professional job!

Jack: I use this Hilton a lot for business. I've got five or six cameras set up in all of the suites. I contract with a movie production company to convert the raw footage into professional grade video.

Nikotai: Just when I think you cannot sink any lower, you find a filthier gutter to wallow in. Russell is right.

Jack: What does he say?

Nikotai: That you are a guttersnipe, a low class thug.

Jack: I didn't go to prep school and I grew up poor, I guess makes me a guttersnipe. I'm not going to defend myself. But watch the rest of the video.
Nikotai did not respond, but her curiosity was too strong. Just a few moments later she tapped 'play' again. Jack kissed Taylor for long time -- deep, probing kisses. Her hands were still on his chest pushing, but she was kissing him back. Then he pulled down her unlaced her gown to her waist, exposing her strapless, white silk bra. Still kissing her, he gently kneaded her breasts, working her sensitive nipples. Taylor was tall and her breasts were small for a girl of her height. Nikotai mentally scolded herself for noticing this detail.

Jack's lips traced down her throat to her breasts. Now he pulled the cups down, and licked and sucked on her nipples, one at a time. He moved steadily, taking his time, raising her temperature gradually. Nikotai began to feel a bit hot herself and turned up the air conditioning on her side of the car. Jack kissed his way down to the swell of her belly and his hands massaged its contour as his tongue left a tingling trail. She giggled suddenly as he inadvertently tickled her. But it ended in a gasp as he suddenly moved lower and pushed his face into her crotch.

He worked on her white bridal gown and with some difficulty managed to get it down around her ankles. Taylor's hips were as generous as her breasts were small, and her unbalanced figure was apparent now. She was still all in white -- her veil, tossed back over her blonde hair, her white lace-top stockings, her white silk bra and panties and her white open-toe high heel pumps. She widened her stance to give Jack better access to her crotch. He was kissing her labia through the thin silk and she gasped each time his tongue pushed the silk of her panties into her crack.

The crotch of Taylor's panties rapidly grew very wet and it was unclear how much of it was Jack's saliva and how much was her feminine juices. He stripped down the wet panties and raised her feet one at a time to take them off. Then he returned to Taylor's shaved, smooth pussy with a will. He ran his thick tongue along her pink pussy lips and she threw her head back and groaned deep in her throat. He repeated it and got an even louder response. He did a third time and she dug both her hands in to his hair and pushed his face more tightly into her intimate area.

His face was hidden from Nikotai, but she could guess what would come next. His tongue and lips began manipulating Taylor's clitoris and as soon as he sucked on it, her hands pulled his head in even deeper. Then he plunged two fingers into her pussy and swiveled them around while he sucked on her clit greedily. This was too much for her and she screamed, "Ooh! Oooohh!! Jack what are you doing to me? I can't bear it! OMIGOD, OMIGOD!! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

Taylor was overcome with convulsions and her generous hips juddered as she was shaken by her first mind-blowing orgasm. She put both her hands on Jack's shoulders for support. Nikotai found the sight of Taylor incredibly sensual -- the bride in her bridal suite, all in white -- quaking with her climax and pulling Jack's head deeper into her pubic triangle. With the groom lying there on the bed right next to them! She felt the familiar warmth in her belly.

Jack lifted Taylor and dumped her on the bed. She was a big girl and the bed rocked. The movement merely caused Brad to mumble something unintelligible. Jack tore his own clothes off, scattering them around the floor. He was magnificently tumescent and the camera lingered on his massive erection again for a moment. He followed Taylor on to the bed on his hands and knees like some beast of prey, his cock swaying beneath him. He dripped pre-cum on the coverlet as he spread her legs and mounted her.

"Fuck me, you big lummox!" Taylor slurred. "I need you in me."

Jack ran his cockhead up and down her sopping entrance, rubbing it over her clit. She cried out each time, inarticulate little screams. Her head thrashed from side to side and her bridal veil shimmered as it caught the light. She arched her back, trying to get him to enter her. He kept toying with her, letting her take in the very tip of his cockhead as she arched desperately to take more.

"Now! Now! I want it now!" she cried.

Finally he pushed into her and waited a moment with just his cockhead buried. It was the still photo she had seen earlier. Then with a low groan, Jack pushed the rest of his enormous length into her with one smooth thrust. Taylor was stretched taut like a bowstring and this was all she needed to go over the edge. Her legs scissored up around Jack's waist, her full hips rotated convulsively and she cried out hoarsely, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming again!! OH! OOHH!!"

Jack remained embedded in her warmth, allowing her to run the gamut of her orgasm. Finally, her arms slid off him and her legs slipped back to the bed.

"My Gosh!" she slurred. "You're still in me! You're still hard!"

Now Jack began to fuck her, slowly at first like a big diesel winding up. Each long thrust brought another cry from Taylor. But soon he was pounding her and her knees were bent again, thighs threshing. Her head was thrown back on her white bridal veil and her mouth was open. He kept fucking her till her whole body began to shake as though she in the grip of an ague. Taylor screamed again, "I'M CUMMING! OMIGOD! I'M CUMMING AGAIN!" and Jack suddenly stiffened and groaned. He pumped her three more times and each time there was an audible burble as he ejaculated into her. A telltale rivulet of thick, milky jism leaked out from her vagina. Then he lay on her, spent. They were both covered with sweat, even though the air conditioning was turned up on high. The camera panned to show them in their post-orgasmic high with Brad lying right by them, still in his tuxedo. The video faded.

Nikotai: You bastard! You fucked her bareback on her wedding night! And pumped your load into her!

Jack: She wanted it. You heard her. What did I do that was wrong?

Nikotai: Her husband was right there!

Jack: He didn't object.

Nikotai: She was so loud! And the way you guys shook the bed it was like a major earthquake! And Brad just lay there. He might have been dead!

Jack: When I was in the army, I had drunk guys pass out on my shoulder. And I had buddies die in my arms. I know the difference.

Nikotai: You're disgusting.

Jack: For giving Taylor mind-blowing orgasms?

Nikotai: No! For forcing her into adultery.

Jack: Did she look like she was forced?

Nikotai: It's not right to fuck another man's wife. Especially on their wedding night.

Jack: Just helping him out -- you saw that he couldn't do it.

Nikotai: But bareback! You might have gotten her pregnant!

Jack: I certainly hope so.

Nikotai: That is just nauseating.

Jack: Why? The baby will be Taylor and Brad's -- no one will know. Both the Morgans and the Wentworths are worth hundreds of millions, the child will have every privilege.

Nikotai: But it will not be Brad's child.

Jack: Where is it written that Brad must be the biological father of Taylor's children? He doesn't own Taylor's eggs, does he?

Nikotai tapped -- that's just crazy. You're awful -- but stopped before sending it. She erased it and thought for a while, but she couldn't find the crushing response she wanted. And what was she doing, sexting with Jack like this anyway? But she couldn't let Jack have the last word.

Nikotai: I hate you and everything about you.

Jack did not respond, and Nikotai felt a sudden curiosity.

Nikotai: Did you fuck Jia bareback as well?

Jack: Yes.

Nikotai: I can't believe your gall -- you come to a wedding and fuck the bride and the Maid of Honor, both bareback!

Jack: What I really want to do is stretch the little green serpent in your crotch around my cock.

There was a photo attached to the message. He had re-sent the picture of his rampant dick with the cockhead embedded in Taylor's pussy.

"Well, here we are," Russell's voice broke in, intruding into her hedonistic haze. Her head snapped up from her phone to look over at him. Then she realized that he had pulled up in the portico of his luxury condo complex. She had moved in with him just the previous month and was still getting used to it.

"Oh, yes," Nikotai faltered. "Thanks, Russell!"

She made to open the door, but he pulled her over to kiss her. As he did so, he slid his hand up her short skirt between her legs. He broke off the kiss and looked down at her with a leer.

"God, you're soaking wet!" He leaned down and sniffed. "You smell like you've just been fucked! Were you daydreaming of me banging you last night?"

"Yes, yes," Nikotai said, grateful for the out. "You really got my engine running."

Sex with Russell was always the same. He liked her to undress herself in front of him then he would push her into bed and mount her. He did not engage in any foreplay, so she was dry. Even though his erection was only average, he would always hurt her as he sank his length into her. He interpreted her cries of pain as cries of passion and thought of himself as a great lover. He would pound her hard and fast for twenty or thirty seconds and just as she was beginning to lubricate, he would cum with a great deal of panting and groaning. He had never succeeded in giving her an orgasm, but she was good at pretending and screamed with him to make him happy.

One of the doormen opened the door of the Mercedes Roadster and put out his hand to help her out. She wished he would go away, for she realized that her skirt had a big damp spot on her behind and there was slick of wetness in the middle of the leather seat. She now recognized the smell of sex that pervaded her person.

But there was nothing to do but go through with it. She ignored the smirk on the doorman's face and walked into the lobby of the condo building with her head held high and without looking back. She knew that Russell and the doorman were exchanging leers. The doorman would be jealous of Russell and Russell would be smug. Neither of them would know that it was Jack who had gotten her so excited.

* * * * * *

8. It was almost 9PM when Nikotai entered the elevator up to the rooftop of the Metropole. She had dressed carefully, selecting a black cocktail dress with a thigh high slit, low back and thin halter strap -- she wanted to display the shoulder and back straps of her expensive Bordelle bra. She wore black stockings and strappy pumps with very high heels to ensure that she topped six feet. She did not want Jack to look down at her.

She had had to excuse herself from her planned dinner with Rebecca, her Maid of Honor, which was not easy as she was exceedingly nosy and asked dozens of questions. She half hoped that Jack had given up and left -- that would give her a moral victory and she looked forward to sending him a text to crow.

As soon as she entered the restaurant, the maître d' came up to her and gave her slight bow saying, "Mr. Grierson is expecting you. Allow me to lead you to his table."

In spite of her mental preparations, her heart beat faster. Jack had managed to get one of the prime tables, a horseshoe seat at a round table with a stunning view of the city. The seat had a high back so that it was screened off from the rest of the restaurant. Jack rose as soon as he saw her and walked up to her. She put out her hand and he took it and bowed from the waist, brushing the back of her hand with his lips.

"I'm so happy to see you," he said with unaffected delight.

"I was rather hoping that you would give up and leave," she said rudely, ignoring the shocked expression of the maître d'.

Jack ignored her bad manners saying merely, "Andre here has been kind enough to save us the best table in the house. Come, I think you will like it."

He led her to the table and seated her. She warily seated herself at one end of the horseshoe, carefully closing the slit in her dress as she sat down.

"I love your bra," said Jack as he slid into the other end of the horseshoe. "It's a Bordelle, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is," she said, surprised. "Are you a cross-dresser?"

"No, I just love what nice lingerie does to women's bodies," said Jack. He glanced up at the maître d'. "Andre, tell Marco to pick us a nice bottle of red. Something light, I am sure that Nikki has a fine palate. Make sure it comes out soon, I'm parched."

"Sure, Mr. Grierson."

"And get us half a dozen sheets of poster-board and some drawing charcoal. Miss Mathieson is going to do some sketching."

"I'll what I can do. It may take a few minutes."

"I know you'll surprise me with your efficiency, Andre, you always do."

When Andre bowed and left, Jack slid around the horseshoe to be closer to Nikotai. He pulled out his phone and pulled up a text.

"How did you know I work with charcoal?" asked Nikotai.

Jack slid his phone over to her and said, "I looked up your work online. And I went to the Art School and talked to some of the instructors. They are very impressed with you, by the way -- one of them even called you 'gifted', the best she has seen for years."

Nikotai found herself blushing and Jack went on, "You blush very prettily. It is nice to see that your talent has not made you vain."

Russell had never once asked about her work -- he had never even taken the trouble to look at the pieces she brought home. In fact the only time he mentioned her art was to joke about her 'practicing to decorate her husband's house'. Jack knew more about her work in a couple of days than Russell did after almost two years.

Jack is despicable, she reminded herself. He is just looking to put notches in his belt, don't let him get to you.

She read the text on Jack's phone. It was from Jerry McVeigh, one of the biggest art agents in the city. "I'll be happy to take a look at Miss Mathieson's work," it read. "Just send over some rough cut realist sketches. That will give me an idea what she can do. If it is interesting, we can discuss the direction to take the abstract development."

"How do you know Jerry McVeigh? He writes for the Times! Anyone would kill to get him to look at their stuff."

"I've done him a few favors," said Jack vaguely.

Marco, the sommelier appeared with the wine in a decanter and two crystal long stem balloon glasses. He poured out a small dollop and Jack indicated that Nikotai should do the tasting. She had been to finishing school in Switzerland and knew a thing or two about wine. She swirled it in the balloon glass and inhaled. It was heavenly! She could not remember the last time she had such a rush from a wine. She looked up at Marco, who stood by expectantly.

"It's divine! It's a Grand Cru, probably a '96 or a '97?"

"You have a very good nose, madam," said Marco, smiling. "A '96 Mouton Rothschild. They've aged very well, just peaking."

"They must be expensive!"

"Yes, madam --" began Marco, but he looked over at Jack, who had a finger on his lips. "You must ask Mr. Grierson if you want to know more."

"Your expression of delight is worth a lot more than any wine," said Jack.

"Spare me your corny babble," said Nikotai, a vicious note entering her voice. Marco was pouring the wine and looked shocked. Jack slipped him a fifty and waved him away. They sipped the wine for a moment in silence.

"Nikki, I'm quite happy for you to say whatever you like to me," said Jack, after a pause. "But please don't embarrass those who are serving us. Marco is good man, he works hard; he deserves to be treated with respect."

She looked ahead with a stony expression in her eyes. She knew he was right, but did not know how to admit it without losing face. Then Andre appeared with the poster-board and drawing charcoal.

"Oh, thank you so much, Andre!" she said effusively, seeing this as a way to make amends. "You are a doll!"

"Anything for Mr. Grierson," said Andre. "He is always very good to us. Any friend of his is a friend of mine."

Jack slipped him a fifty as well and he left.

"Well, Jack, you are putting on quite a show," said Nikotai.

"It's not a show, but believe what you like. You have the image on your phone and drawing supplies. See what you can do in an hour. I've ordered a very nice prosciutto appetizer and veal medallions."

The food came almost as soon as he spoke and Jack helped the cute little red-haired waitress set it down around the edges of the table to make sure that Nikotai had room to work. She smiled at Jack and he asked, "How's school, Bethany?"

"Going well, Mr. Grierson." She kept working and went on. "Thank you so much for getting me this job. I've almost doubled my income and I can work fewer hours."

"My pleasure," said Jack.

Nikotai waited till they were done and Bethany retired before pulling up the image of his immense erection on her screen. She smoothed down the poster-board and began working with long strokes. She worked steadily, sipping her wine and nibbling on the prosciutto appetizer.

After half an hour, she took a break and ate a veal medallion. She had eaten here before, so the food was not new to her. But she marveled at how Jack seemed to be on a first name basis with everyone.

"You come here often?" she asked.

"Not that often. But I do entertain a lot, so I make it a point to get to know the staff."

Nikotai continued working and was soon so engrossed that she lost track of the time. Jack watched her as she worked, admiring the smooth swimmer's muscles of her bare arms and way her tits moved when she made quick passes with the charcoal to fill in shading. When she finally sat back with a sigh, it was nearly eleven.

"It's not perfect, but as good as I can get with this light," she said.

Jack pulled the poster board towards him and set it up, appraising it critically.

"It's stupendous! Every bit as good as Balivet. I'll send it over to Jerry now."

"Well, I'll be going then," said Nikotai. "Thanks for dinner."

"No, stay for a bit. Let's see if Jerry responds."

"Jack, it's almost eleven. No agent of his stature is going to get back to you tonight."

"Just fifteen minutes."

Jack took a picture of the sketch with his phone and tapped it to send it off to Jerry McVeigh. Then he poured the last of the wine into their balloon glasses and raised his. She raised hers and they clinked.

"To success," she said, thinking of Jerry McVeigh.

"To success," he echoed, thinking of the green serpent that encircled her pussy.

Ten minutes later, Jack's phone rang with a video call. He picked it up. It was Jerry McVeigh.

"Jack!" he said heartily. He was a forty-something New Yorker with a red face and hair that bespoke his Irish heritage. "You've got some real promise here. The sketch looks great -- even before we do an abstract, I can probably pitch it to a print shop. A limited edition, maybe a run of two hundred or so. We can start at $2000 a pop and see how the market reacts. But I'll need at least two more -- it will take a set of three to get one of the big shops interested."

Nikotai craned her neck over Jack's shoulder. He tried to shush her, but she would not be stopped.

"Are you saying you want to market the dummy sketches to the realist market? I can't do that! I work in abstract art."

"Nikki," said Jack patiently. "Once your name gets around, you can bring whatever you want to market. But you need a market presence first. If Jerry says that your erotic realism will do it, you should listen to him and do as he says."

She looked stubborn for a while and took another sip of her wine.

"What do you suggest?" she asked McVeigh finally.

"A set of three," he said promptly. "Collectors like sets and a three-set is pretty standard. Do you have material?"

She picked up her phone and skimmed through the pictures again. She had the one with Jack's cock in Jia's mouth and the one with it in Taylor's pussy. They would make a nice set of three.

"Yes," she said to McVeigh.
"Good. I'll go to work tomorrow morning. I'll email you a contract right away -- you'll owe me ten percent. I always collect off the top. And I'll need someone to co-sign an underwriting guarantee of $100,000 for the print shop."

"I'll do it," said Jack promptly.

"Good, good," said McVeigh. "I'll include the underwriting documents with the contract."

He cut the line. Nikotai looked over at Jack, the numbers slowly sinking in.

"Two hundred prints at $2000 each is $400,000. A set of three makes it $1.2 million."

"Jerry is always conservative," responded Jack. "He'll probably get you more than that. And in addition, you can sell the originals. With the numbers Jerry is talking, they will probably fetch at least $30,000 each."

Nikotai realized that her mouth had formed an 'O' and covered it with her hand.

"Over a million and a quarter! I don't know anyone from Art School that makes that kind of money."

She put her arms around Jack's neck and hugged him. He felt her rounded breasts against his chest and whispered in her ear, "There's always a price tag."

"Whatever you want, we can discuss that tomorrow," said Nikotai. "It's late, I've got to get home before Russell."

"Don't worry, he won't be home for a while. He'll be watching the Hong Kong markets."

"OK, what do you want then?"

"You know what I want," said Jack, pushing aside the tablecloth. He had unzipped his pants and his cock stood up proudly. He was tumescent, not fully erect (she knew from the pictures). But he was still far bigger than Russell.

"I'm leaving," she said, gathering her bag and standing up.

"I'm sure Russell would love to see the picture of your pussy that you sent me."

"You wouldn't do that, would you?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Russell would never understand! He would never believe that we haven't done anything."

"I know. And I can forward him our text log. He'll love that we've been sexting. He's probably holding some pretty heavy positions right now, and he has to unwind everything before the Hong Kong markets close. A perfect time to get a picture of his fiancée's pubis from a business rival."

"Please erase that picture!" Nikotai had begun to take Russell for granted, but now the prospect of losing him and the social position and prestige of being Mrs. Russell Paine made her panic. Russell would not take this lightly, especially from a man like Jack that he despised. He would dump her and tell everyone -- his parents, her parents, all their friends.

"You drew it, Nikki, now to suck it."

She took a few deep breaths and put her hands on her hips defiantly.

"OK, do your worst! I'll call Russell right now and explain everything, that we were discussing erotic art and a deal with Jerry McVeigh, that you led me on and tried to force me to have sex with you."

"You think he will believe that?"

"It's the truth!"

"Nikki, take a look at the picture you sent me. Your clit is puffed up and red. You're dripping pussy juice. There's a sheen of sweat on your skin. I'll text Russell that I went down on you and sucked your clit; that I made you cum really hard. Who do you think he will believe? You or me?"

Nikotai pulled out her phone, opened the image again and used her fingers to expand it. With a sinking heart, she realized that Jack was right. She cursed the high quality camera in her phone -- the image was incredibly sharp and detailed. When enlarged, it was quite clear that she was sexually aroused. But it was with her girlfriends, not with Jack!

"I was with Taylor and Jia and Rebecca, not you! I'll tell Russell that!"

"Well, good luck. I'm sending the photo and the log of our sexting to Russell right now."

Jack's fingers got busy on his phone.

"Please don't make me do this! I'll pay you whatever you want."

"I don't want money. I'll just send these to Russell and we'll say good night."

"Wait! Stop! You should be ashamed of yourself -- I'm young enough to be your daughter."

"Why should I be ashamed? Older men always pursue younger women."

"How do I know you will erase the picture of my pussy and the sexting log? You probably have copied it to a dozen sites!"

"This is the only copy I have, you have my word. And if you suck me off, I will give you my phone so you can erase it yourself."

"Why do you hate me so much?" she asked, wringing her hands.

"I don't hate you, Nikki. Quite the contrary."

"You are blackmailing me, forcing me to have sex with you against my will."

Jack did not respond, but his expression was sympathetic.

"Oh, you are loathsome!" she spat.

"Come sit by me, Nikki." Jack patted the seat on the horseshoe by him. She took a tentative step towards him.

"Even if I do what you want, I will always hate you, you bastard!"

"I know, I know," said Jack soothingly.

She took another step towards him.

"Where do you want to go?"

"Nowhere. You can suck me off right here."

"In public? No way!"

"You will cum very soon, I guarantee it," said Jack. Then he put his hands up. "I apologize, that was a terrible pun."

He patted the leather beside him again. She sat down reluctantly. He put his arms around her and tried to kiss her. She twisted her head away and pushed his arms off her.

"I agreed to suck your cock, not kiss your mouth," she said roughly. "And keep your hands to yourself."

"OK," said Jack.

She looked around to make sure that the high back of the horseshoe seat sheltered them from prying eyes. Then she bent forward cautiously, alert for any sudden moves. As she got closer, his cock drew her forward and she felt an almost magnetic attraction. She put her tongue out tentatively and licked his tip, tasting the pungent drop of pre-sum. She made a face.

"It's an acquired taste," said Jack. "Like a fine wine. Only more addictive."

"I would hold my nose if I could, you asshole," she said, looking up at him.

She licked him again, around the monstrous cockhead and then down the shaft. She kept licking his shaft and before her incredulous eyes, his cock grew and grew. To see it in a photo was one thing, but to see it growing to its full magnificence before her eyes was quite another. The head filled out and acquired its purple coloration. She used her hands to jack him off with quick, short movements, hoping to get him to cum quickly. She only succeeded in getting him even harder.

She took another look around to make sure they were still unobserved. Then wanting to get it over with, she held him with both hands, opened her mouth as wide as possible and swallowed his cockhead. His foreskin slid back under the ministrations of her tongue. She heard his breathing get faster and took perverse pleasure in the fact that he was in her power now. Jack let her work on his cock for another couple of minutes before taking a more active role in the proceedings. He took hold of her head with one hand and put the other in between her bare shoulder blades on the back strap of her Bordelle bra. He began to push more of his length into her mouth. She fought him for a few moments, but then gave up, hoping that fucking her mouth would make him cum sooner.

He could feel her tongue working on him as she sucked while inhaling. She had never sucked a cock this big and had swallowed only about half of it when she felt his tip at her throat. Jack held her tightly and pushed a bit more, choking her. She fought the urge to panic and inhaled as hard as she could, creating intense suction that he found extremely pleasurable. She kept at it, but seemed no closer to getting him to cum. She began fear that she would be choked on his cock all night.

Then she heard a voice that chilled her blood. It was Russell, speaking in a loud and carrying voice. He sounded drunk.

"I've just wound up positions making over fifty million bucks! And I want to celebrate! Where's the maître d'? I want a table facing a window and for you to join me for a bite and a drink."

"I am sorry sir, but it is very late and the senior staff have all left," came the waitress Bethany's voice. "I am the only one on duty now. I'll see what I can do about the seating."

Nikotai tried to disengage, but Jack held her fast. One of his arms snaked under her belly and moved her bodily from the seat to the floor between his legs. He moved the tablecloth to cover her. She was in darkness now, with Jack continuing to hold her head and fuck her mouth. His other hand came down under the tablecloth and cupped a full breast through her cocktail dress and thin Bordelle bra. His thumb and forefinger worked on her sensitive nipple through the fabric.

Then Russell stumbled into Jack's view. He had an arm around the Bethany's waist and was pulling her along with him, ignoring her polite requests to let her go. He saw Jack and roared, "Why does this bastard get a whole horseshoe facing the window? Why there is enough room there to seat four people!"

Jack began to move Nikotai's head even faster, getting his cockhead wedged in her throat on his thrusts. She sucked hard as she tried to keep breathing. With Russell just a few feet away, fear was an additional factor and it raised her heart rate even higher.

"I booked this table, Russell," said Jack, striving to regiment his breathing. "Perhaps you should have made a booking too." And right now your fiancée is on her knees, sucking my cock.

"Well, no matter, this pretty young thing has promised me a table. Haven't you darling? And we need to sit down and get to know one another better."

With this, Russell put a finger in the top of Bethany's blouse and pulled hard, ripping it open down the front and displaying her sky blue bra with brown flashes and white lace trim. Jack picked up his phone and called hotel security.

"You've got pretty little tits, darling," Russell said thickly. He held her fast around the waist and kneaded one of her breasts roughly. "We should really spend tonight together. How much do you want? Five hundred? A thousand?"

"I am not a prostitute, sir," panted Bethany. She tried to remain calm as she struggled to free herself.

"You're a working girl, aren't you?"

He reached down and got his hand under the hem of her skirt, hiking it up to her waist to expose her panties. They were low-rise and Russell stuck a hand under the waistband.

"You've got soft pussy, sweetie, like a baby's bottom. Maybe I'll tip you extra after I fuck you."

Then two large security men appeared. With professional ease they extricated Bethany from Russell's grasp, ignoring his angry roars and threats.

"What shall we do with him, Mr. Grierson?" one asked.

"His name is Russell Paine. Have the front desk locate his home address and take him home. He just needs to sleep it off."

The two men hustled Russell out, still swearing and threatening vengeance at the top of his voice. As soon as they left, Bethany came and slumped down by Jack. She cuddled against him, rubbing her breasts against him in the process.

"Oh Jack, that was so awful!" she cried.

"Don't worry, he's gone now."

Through all this, Jack had been slowly fellating himself in Nikotai's mouth. Now he increased his pace again and his breathing got faster. Bethany thought it was her doing and held him tighter, her nipples puckering and hardening through her thin bra.

"I've been so sick lately, Jack," she said in a low voice. "Every morning I throw up. I'm nauseous all day."

"It will pass, Beth," said Jack. "You must have done the reading on morning sickness."

She snuggled closer to him. Nikotai was sucking on him hard now and Jack had difficulty concentrating. He continued to guide her head with his hand entangled in her thick, jet-black hair.

"Jack, you're so good to me," Bethany said. "I think I am falling in love with you. Do you love me?"

"Don't go there, Beth. It will only lead to unhappiness. Remember that it is Jeffrey who loves you."

"But I am carrying your baby!"

There was a choking sound as Nikotai lost her rhythm and Jack coughed to cover it.

"Jeffrey will be good father, Beth. And you will be a great mother."

Jack could not go on, his mind was blanked by the tension building in his balls. Bethany's breasts and hard-pointed nipples added fuel to the fire Nikotai was stoking with her energetic sucking. He put an arm around Bethany, and she rubbed her breasts against him again, purring like a cat. He felt the eruption coming and bit back his groan of fulfillment. He arched his back and increased his pressure on Nikotai's head, pushing his cockhead into the tight warmth of her throat. He began to come and she gagged and spluttered. He was in so deep that most of his first gush of thick, musky semen was pumped straight down her throat. But with he second burst, she blew out and a considerable amount leaked out from around his shaft. As with Jia, he pulled out of her mouth and sprayed his third burst on her.

Bethany pulled back the tablecloth and saw Nikotai on her knees between Jack's legs, panting and gasping. Jack pulled her out and seated her on his left. She leaned on him, too spent to talk. She inhaled mightily, causing her beautiful breasts to bob and quiver. Gobs of jism were all over her face and in her hair. The viscous fluid began slowly running down her face like thick lava. The slit in her cocktail dress split open, exposing her leg all the way to the stocking top and upper thigh, but she did not notice it. Beads of sweat were coursing down her face and neck into the tight valley of her cleavage to be collected by her Bordelle bra, whose cups were now exposed and wet.

Nikotai and Bethany just looked at each other. Jack picked up a napkin, wiped most of his semen off Nikotai's face. He worked the rest into her hair with his fingers so it looked like she had gel in it. The three of them sat in silence for several minutes. Finally, Nikotai slid out from the horseshoe seat and made her way to the ladies' room, thankful that she did not pass anyone. She washed her face and gargled again and again, trying to get the sharp, tangy taste of Jack's semen out of her mouth. She looked in the mirror -- her lipstick was all gone, coated on Jack's cock and her mascara had run. She did some quick repairs to her makeup and returned to the table.

She collected her poster-boards and handbag in silence. Then she looked down at Jack and Bethany. They had not moved. The waitress was still snuggled up with her tits against Jack, her ripped blouse hanging open. Nikotai put out her hand.

"Your phone, Jack. You promised."

Jack handed her the phone without a word.

She hung her handbag on her shoulder and went to work on the phone. She quickly located the photo of her pussy and erased it, then pulled up the log of her texts with Jack and did the same. She went to the virtual trashcan and emptied it to be sure nothing could be re-accessed. She searched the phone with her name and using an image blue-toothed in from her own phone. Then she handed Jack his phone back.

"Bye, Jack, you noxious dirtbag," said Nikotai, picking up her poster-boards again.

"Why are you rich, upper class women such bitches?" Bethany's voice was sharp and Nikotai looked at her in surprise.

"I'm sorry for what you had to go through just now, dearie," said Nikotai with a touch of hauteur. "But don't get into this fight. You don't know me, but I know your type -- sleazeballs like Jack prey on poor, working girls like you."

"Well, I know you Miss High-and-Mighty Nikki Mathieson, I've seen you in the society pages. It was your boyfriend that tried to rape me just now. You strut in here with your Gucci handbag and your Gucci shoes, your Vera Wang cocktail dress and 4-carat diamond ring. And you think the world revolves around you! And I know Jack -- he's the kindest, most caring man I've ever met."

She put her arms around Jack protectively.

"Well, your good, kind Jack just blackmailed me into sucking his dick," said Nikotai viciously.

"Jack would never do that," said Bethany fiercely. "You looked like you were having a pretty good time down on your knees. I'm sure that your fiancé would love hear all about it from Jack."

A bolt of fear went through Nikotai's eyes.

"You wouldn't do that, would you, Jack?"

"I could, but I won't," said Jack. He smiled at her. "I'll come by in the morning to co-sign the underwriting papers for Jerry McVeigh."

"I'll leave a note with the concierge to give you the code for our condo," Nikotai replied, nodding. Her face turned hard again. "Goodnight, you bastard. I hope you enjoyed the blowjob." She turned on her Gucci high heels and tap-tapped away.

Jack looked at the time on his phone -- it was almost eleven forty.

"My shift is done at midnight, Jack," said Bethany. "Let's go to my place. Jeffrey is working the night shift, so he won't be home till eight in the morning. I'll give you a better blowjob than her and then you can fuck me."

* * * * * *

9. When Nikotai got home, Russell was lying on his back in the bed, snoring loudly. He smelled of stale alcohol and sweat. After his violence with Bethany, she did not feel like being near him. So she padded over to one of the guest bedrooms, unzipped her cocktail dress and kicked off her Gucci shoes. Clad in her Bordelle bra, the matching panties and black stockings, she pulled back the covers of the queen bed in the guestroom. The satin sheets felt cool and smooth, but she could not sleep. She tossed and turned, tried deep breathing and counting sheep, but nothing worked. She looked at her phone several times, but the numbers crept by ever so slowly. Then her phone buzzed again. She picked it up immediately -- it was 3:30AM.

Jack: You gave me a fantastic blowjob. It was the best I've had for a long time. Thanks.

Nikotai: Don't start this again.

Jack: I thought you'd be asleep by now.

Nikotai: I couldn't sleep.

Jack: Thinking of me?

Nikotai: I'm trying not to. You make me sick.

There was no response for a few minutes, so she typed on.

Nikotai: Are you with that waitress?

Jack: I am at Bethany's place, yes.

Nikotai: Did you fuck her?

Jack: Why do you ask?

Nikotai: Just curious. I thought I drained you.

Jack: I was drained for over an hour. But I've got a lot of testosterone.

Nikotai: Good. It will clot your blood and kill you in a couple of years. Good riddance.

Jack: Russell had a mean look about him.

Nikotai did not respond, and a few minutes later her phone buzzed again.

Jack: Does Russell force you to have sex?

Nikotai: Of course we have sex; he's my fiancée.

Jack: That's not what I asked.

Before this night, Nikotai would have answered rudely, but now she thought about Russell's behavior in the Metropole rooftop restaurant. He had torn Bethany's blouse open and treated her like a prostitute. And the poor girl was trying to put herself through college waiting tables.

Nikotai: It's only happened once or twice, when he's very drunk. He fucked me in the ass.

Jack: Charming.

Nikotai: You're one to talk, Jack.

Jack: I'll be dreaming about you.

Nikotai: I'm sure that it will make Bethany very happy to know you are thinking about me when you are fucking her.

Jack: I fucked her an hour ago. She's a strong fuck, I can't think of anything else when I'm in her. But I'm leaving her place now.

Nikotai: Jack, you have no morals at all.

Jack: I grew up in the gutter. But your upper class fiancé does not have that excuse.

There was a pause and another buzz. Jack has sent her a picture. It was Russell. He was naked, fucking a young woman doggie style and the picture was angled to catch his cock halfway into her pussy. She was wearing black stockings and bent forward over a table. It looked like a club, for there were other people around, several gawking at the copulating pair. The woman's back was crisscrossed with recent welts and her round butt cheeks showed several very red hand outlines of a hard spanking.
Nikotai: What is this?

Jack: Your fiancé's bachelor party. The girl knew what she was getting into and was well paid for her services -- but he does like to beat women.

Nikotai tapped several responses, but deleted them all. She knew that Russell had a bit of a temper, but she never suspected him of sadism! Her mind was in a whirl and she could not think of an appropriate response. She had been convinced that Jack was a knave and Russell was a knight. But with this picture, everything was confused.

* * * * * *

10. The next day, she woke very late. She brushed her teeth and pulled a thin robe over her bra, panties and stockings. She slipped on her Gucci shoes before heading to the kitchen. Russell was sitting at the breakfast table, his computer open in front of him. He was dressed in his workday business casual outfit of bespoke white shirt, dark trousers and Italian handmade shoes. It was not unusual for him to spend the morning working at home, so she merely said, "Good morning, honey."

She poured herself a glass of orange juice from the fridge and seated herself at the dining table with him.

"Where were you last night?" Russell asked without looking up from his screen.

Nikotai was instantly on her guard.


"Because says that you were canoodling at the Metropole rooftop with Jack Grierson, that's why! They even have a photo. It shows you sketching an erection! Do you deny it?"

"Of course not," said Nikotai, haughtily. "I was talking to him about a contract for my artwork." Her voice took an extra octave, for she was still excited about her contract. "He introduced me to Jerry McVeigh, an art critic for the Times! And I got a contract. Here, take a look!"

She tapped her phone and brought up the contract that she had accepted and showed it to him.

"I don't care about your damned art! Don't you understand? We are getting married in a few days. Anything with the Paine name is big news. There is enough innuendo in this post to make it go viral! Seeing Jack Grierson late at night at the Metropole! What were you thinking? And why are you sitting so close to him?"

She looked at Russell's computer screen and saw a picture of herself seated with Jack in the horseshoe. She was working on her posterboard and had been so engrossed in her work that she had not noticed how close Jack was to her.

"Drawing an erection, for Christ's sake! Is sex all you think about, Nikki?"

He stood up and grabbed her, pulling her up from her chair. He pushed her face down on the heavy breakfast table with his left hand on her neck.

"Let's see how hot you are this morning," he said thickly, pushing a hand up her robe. "Ah, I can feel you."

"No, Russell, not like this -- " began Nikotai.

Russell did not listen. He pushed aside the crotch of her panties and pushed several fingers into her pussy.

"When you behave like a whore, I'll treat you like a whore!" he panted. He began to thrust his fingers into her, hard and fast.

"No, no, no," gasped Nikotai.

But Russell's actions brought their inevitable reactions and in spite of her best efforts, his finger fucking began to make her moist. He held her down with his weight and pulled her robe open with his other hand. He pulled down one of the cups of her Bordelle bra and kneaded her breast roughly. He got her thick nipple between thumb and forefinger and pinched her severely, smiling when she gave a little scream. He stuck a finger in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down, tugging till they slid down and gathered around her ankles.

Then he unzipped his trousers and simultaneously pulled a condom out of one of his pockets. Holding his erect cock in one hand, he rolled on the condom and guided it to her pussy. He entered her without ceremony and sank his length into her, his thighs pressing hers together make her taut pussy even tighter. Her firm buttock cheeks felt incredibly voluptuous against him. He got his left hand around her throat and choked her hard as he began to ram into her.

"This is how I treat whores!" he puffed.

He came very soon, just as the hypoxia induced by his choking was driving her to a heightened state of arousal. He released her and lay on her for a moment gasping into her ear, "I'm warning you! Stay clear of Jack Grierson!"

A few minutes later, he went to the bathroom and she heard the running water as he cleaned up. Then his phone rang and she heard him wandering around the living room, talking to his office. She caught a few words, but soon he became a meaningless drone, background noise.

Nikotai continued to lie face down on the breakfast table. Sex with Russell almost always left her unfulfilled, but this time was much worse than usual. The choking-induced hypoxia had actually aroused her so much that she was on the verge of a hard orgasm -- and it was denied her. She did not move, hoping the tingling would go on. She tried very hard to imagine that Russell was still in her, but as the feeling began to fade, she was more frustrated than ever. She thought of getting out her vibrator and masturbating, but she did not want a cap this with an artificial experience.

Unbidden, the image of Jack's rampant cock appeared in her mind's eye. She tried to think of the vivid images she had seen of his organ in Taylor's pussy, in Jia's mouth. But all she could think of was it choking her while she was on her knees between his legs. The image was unwelcome, but it kept the tingling sensation alive and she did not dismiss it.

* * * * * *

11. Jack took the key card and code from the concierge and rode up the elevator of the luxury condo tower to the penthouse Russell shared with Nikotai. He got out in the foyer of the top floor and found just one door in front of him. Russell lives pretty well, he thought.

He swiped the card on the front door pad and it clicked open. He entered the hallway and heard Russell talking in the living room. He stopped and cocked his ears, listening for the details. It was a work call and Jack mentally filed away the information for future reference. He walked down the hallway silently and said, "Nikki?" in a normal tone of voice. There was no response. He pulled out his phone and sent a text to her.

Jack: Where are you?

Nikotai: At home.

Jack: Where?

Nikotai: Kitchen. Why?

Jack did not respond. He padded down the corridor, looking for the kitchen. It took him a few minutes in the extensive penthouse. He entered silently and stood by fridge for a moment, looking at Nikotai.

She was bent over on her stomach on the heavy breakfast table, just as Russell had left her. Her right hand was sprawled upwards and she held her phone in her left. Her short robe was in disarray -- even from his angle, Jack could see that the front had been pulled open and one of her shoulders was bare. The skirt of the robe was hiked up around her waist, leaving her ripe, round buttocks naked, with her pussy peeping out from between. It was wet and as he watched, a drop of her feminine fluid dribbled out and landed on the panties that were gathered around her ankles.

Jack advanced into the kitchen soundlessly, recalling his days in the Special Forces. Lost in the world of sensations, Nikotai remained unaware of his approach. Jack went down on his knees, grasped her thighs at the tops of her stockings and buried his face into her pussy between her rounded buttocks. She squealed at the sudden intrusion, for Jack's tongue immediately began to lick her nether lips. Her feminine juices were bittersweet rather than sour and he savored them, sucking them down.

At first Nikotai thought it was Russell, improbable as that was -- he had never gone down on her before. But when she twisted her torso around and saw Jack's lower back and legs, she realized that the clothing was different.

"Ja ...Ja ... Jack?" she faltered.

His tongue was working with great adeptness, surprising her with its thickness as it invaded her pussy. He gave her labia little love bites, bringing forth gasps.

"No, Jack, stop," she said in a harsh stage whisper. "Russell is home! Stop immediately!"

Jack did not stop, but moved his tongue tantalizingly close to her clitoris. The fingers of both hands caressed her inner thighs, creating lines of fire on her skin. He lifted one of her feet and then the other, disengaged her panties from her ankles and stuck them in his pocket.

"No, Jack, no Jack," she whispered over and over, but her butt began to rotate under his expert ministrations. Jack stoked her excitement, exciting her to the brink of climax. He did it again and again, not by accident, but by design. Each time, he slowed and drew back, leaving her in an agony of desire and want.

"Don't do this to me, Jack, no, no, no!"

Then he pried her legs apart to give himself better access and pushed his face even deeper between her butt cheeks, getting his tongue on her clit. She gave a little scream as his tongue touched the sensitive organ. This time, he went all the way, grasping her clit between his lips and sucking hard, without stopping. She knew she was going to cum, so she picked up by a napkin from the table and bit down on it to stifle her cries. In spite of her best efforts, muffled mewing sounds emerged from around the napkin stuffed in her mouth. Jack held her thighs fast, but her upper body thrashed on the breakfast table, like a fish on a hook. It took several moments for her tremors to subside.

She was still in the throes of her afterglow when he rose, picked up another napkin from the table and wiped off his face. He bent over her and whispered in her ear, "You taste sweet, my dear. This is repayment for the great blowjob you gave me."

His weight on her brought her back to the present in a rush.

"Get out of here, Jack! Russell is home, he's pacing between the living room and his study. If he sees us like this, it will ruin everything!"

"You just had the best orgasm of your life. Russell never gave you anything like this. Come on, admit it."

"I'll say whatever you want if you will just go!"

"Say it, then."

"Yes, yes! It was the best orgasm of my life."

"Better than anything with Russell," whispered Jack, cajoling.

"Yes, better than anything with Russell! He's never gone down on me. Now go!"

She twisted under him till she was face to face with him. Jack saw the angry welt that was beginning to form on her nipple from Russell's pinching and the bruising on her neck from his choking her. His eyes narrowed.

"Russell has been hurting you," he said.

"I'm going to be his wife, it's none of your business. No go!"

In response, Jack scooped her up in his arms, another thing Russell had never done. He leaned down and kissed her hurt nipple, running his tongue over it and sucking on it gently.

"Jack! You've got to go! You promised -- "

"I never promised to go," he whispered. "It will be more exciting with Russell in the house."

"My God! Where are you taking me? Put me down!"

"Hush! Russell will hear you," said Jack. "To the master bedroom, of course. To the bed you share with Russell."

"No! Don't!" Nikotai's whispers were desperate. "You must really hate me to do this to me! You want to destroy me!"

"I already told you, Nikki, I don't hate you."

He turned into the master bedroom.

"I'll scream for help!" Nikotai hissed.

"Then try explaining to Russell how I got in here. I have your note to the concierge in my pocket. Along with your panties."

"Oh God!" said Nikotai realizing that she was trapped. "What are you going to do to me?"

"Something no one's ever done to you. I'm going to fuck your brains out."

"I'll hate you forever!"

"No, you won't," said Jack. He kissed her eyelids, changing the subject. "See, your eyes are even bluer than mine."

He lay her down on the wide king size bed and continued from where he left off, kissing the green serpent that surrounded her vulva. She gasped and her hands sank into his thick pepper-and-salt hair. Jack kissed upwards, tracing a path over the swell of her belly. He spoke gently, incredibly managing to stay audible and clear.

"Your belly is beautiful, Nikki and what a fine belly button, just perfect."

His fingers ran over her clearly outlined ribs, counting them as his tongue created a line of heat on her skin. He came up on her Bordelle bra and pulled down the other cup, exposing both nipples that stood proudly.

"My God, Nikki, you have the tits of a goddess!"

Jack kissed both her breasts in turn, slowly, letting his tongue run over and around her nipples. He did this again and again, spending a little more time on the nipple with the welt.

She felt her resistance melting away under his ministrations. He continued up the sensitive side of her throat and kissed her ears, one at a time.

"You have the neck of a swan, and ears like shells, my dear."

"I'm no beauty," breathed Nikotai.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my dear. Your body is made for sex, to get men hard, to drive them out of their minds."

His foreplay was so long and the buildup so gradual, that Nikotai did not even realize that she had already made a big wet spot in the middle of the bedspread. Her breathing was rapid and shallow.

With all his careful carnal attentions to her, somehow he had managed to get naked. He put one hand around her throat, squeezing it gently between thumb and forefinger just on top of the bruise from Russell's rough choking. He slid the other behind the small of her back to position her vulva under his cockhead. She felt his huge cock running up and down her pussy lips. Then she felt his cockhead nuzzle her clitoris, drawing a sharp inhalation from her. She tried one more time to stop him.

"Please don't put your cock into me," she implored.

He negated her with action, not words. He thrust his massive cockhead into her, arching his back so that he could look down to see his penetration. She was so tight, warm and wet that he had a hard time restraining himself from cumming immediately. Her tight pussy stripped back his foreskin with ease.

"Your green serpent is stretching around my cock," he whispered in her ear. "It is so tight, it's like a little python down there!"

Though she could not see his cock, the image of the immense organ on her posterboard was in her mind's eye. She gasped out inarticulate cries as she felt him entering her in a series of thrusts, an additional inch each time. His thickness was beyond anything she had experienced -- she felt like she was being skewered on a hot bar of steel.

Once he was about halfway in her, he gave out a groan and let his weight drive the rest of his length into her. He stretched her fornix, plumbing depths that no one had ever reached. She felt like his cock was coming up her throat from below.

"OH JESUS, you're big! MMMPHFF!!" she expostulated. He tightened his grip on her throat to cut off her rising voice.

"Shhh!" he said.

He began to fuck her, with long, slow strokes, trying to make himself last. He kissed the sensitive skin on the side of her throat as he found his rhythm and increased his pace. Each time he entered her fully, he rested a moment to savor the tightness of her vaginal grip. Impaled on his huge cock, she rotated and twisted her hips, almost without conscious thought. The weight of his mount on her clitoris was too much and she began to cum again. It was a slow eruption, beginning with compression of her vaginal walls deep inside, but in a few moments her contractions began radiating outward, clenching around his hardness in a series of spasms.

"My God, you are a great fuck!" he whispered.

As her contractions began to subside, he began fucking her in earnest, pistoning her as hard as he could.

"Think of Russell just beyond the wall," Jack whispered in her ear as he thrust into her. "He could walk in here any moment!"

Jack knew he was at the end of his tether. He tightened his grip on her throat, repeating the hypoxia she had experienced with Russell. With the extended stimulation of her clitoris, she exploded. Her previous orgasm was the strongest she had ever experienced, but this one was many times stronger still. She thrashed and twisted and her nails ripped his back, drawing thin lines of blood. Her magnificent breasts rubbed against his chest, her nipples so hard that they felt like bullets. Her feminine juices flowed copiously and the bedspread beneath them was soaking wet. Her contractions were so strong that Jack felt himself constricted.

"MMMPHPHFFF! MMMMMPHPHPHFFFF!! MMMMMMPHPHFFFF!!" Jack had to squeeze her throat harder, just to keep her strangled cries from rising to screams.

Her powerful contractions were too much for him. He erupted, pumping gouts of thick, musky semen into her, through a series of heavy, pounding thrusts. They lay together in a tangled jumble of arms and legs, covered with sweat and completely spent. Her tight pussy still felt snug and warm around his softening cock and he remained embedded in her.

As the fog of passion slowly began to dissipate, she sensed the warmth emanating from the huge quantity of his ejaculate that he had forced into her deepest recesses. Viscous streams of his musky jism were leaking out from around his embedded cock.

"I'm ovulating, you bastard," she panted. "This is my most fertile day."

Jack just smiled. He pulled out his flaccid organ and rolled off her.

"You're a sexual animal, Nikki," he said. "Don't try to run away from yourself. You need someone like me to fuck you regularly, or you will be a miserable, frustrated bitch."

"I hate you," she said.

Jack picked up his clothes and went into the bathroom to clean up, shutting the door behind him.

Almost on cue, Russell came in. Nikotai had barely enough time to cross her legs, trying to conceal the evidence of Jack's copious outpouring of semen by squeezing her thighs together. Russell saw her stretched out on the bed, clad only in her blacking stockings and Gucci high heels, her Bordelle bra cups pulled down to expose her breasts. She was still breathing heavily, so her breasts jounced, causing her still hard nipples to move pleasingly. He advanced on her and leaned down to kiss them. He now noticed the wetness of the bedspread around her mid-section and the tangy smell of sex.

"You've been masturbating! I guess you like me to fuck you rough!"

"Yes, yes," she said. "You got me so excited, I couldn't help myself."

Russell looked very smug.

"I can do this to you every day, Nikki. You're a lucky girl."

"I am," she said.

"I've got to go to the office now. A big deal brewing, I'll see you tonight. I may be late, don't wait up for me."


As soon as he left, Jack came back out of the bathroom. He was still naked and climbed into bed with Nikotai again. She struggled, but he held her fast.

"Now, now," he said soothingly. "You heard Russell, he isn't going to fuck you till tomorrow. But I'm going to fuck you all day today."

"You're disgusting," she said. But when he kissed her, she opened her mouth and kissed him back.

* * * * * *

12. Russell and Nikotai's wedding was one of the biggest of the year. It was written up in all the society pages, with many photographs. The guest list was blue chip and Nikotai checked it again on the morning to make sure Jack was not on it. She looked around for him all day, expecting him to find some way to sneak in. But she did not see him.

Then, as she was opening the reception with the lead dance with Russell, she felt her phone buzz with an incoming text. Her long shoulder-less bridal gown had no pockets, so she had her phone stuck in her bodice, the edge of it scraping her nipple. Russell was busy exchanging hand signals with one of his groomsmen, so she pulled out the phone and tapped it open the text as she danced.

It was from Jack and had an attached photo. It was a sext of his mammoth, fully erect cock, embedded almost to the balls in a very pink pussy. The photo was a close-up, showing the stretched labia. One of the pussy lips was pierced with a gold ring that had the word "REBECCA" inscribed in runic lettering.
Jack: I fucked your Maid of Honor during brunch today. She's ovulating.

* * * * * *


The four friends had decided to have one big shower -- dubbed the Baby Times Four Shower -- and Taylor had used her father's contacts to book the Old Ivy City Club. The dark, old oak rooms were festooned with pink and every effort had been made to feminize the establishment. The crème de la crème of the city's female society came and the reception area was overflowing with presents. Taylor, Jia, Rebecca and Nikotai were all about seven months' pregnant and they circulated amongst the guests, exchanging gossip, posing for pictures and corresponding with distant friends through social media. All four had the healthy glow of pregnancy on their skins and wore the latest in maternity fashion.

As the event wound down, the four Art School friends found themselves sitting together in the parlor. Taylor, who had the biggest baby bump, sipped her Virgin Colada and sighed.

"Well, that was wonderful wasn't it? I loved the Instagram of me that GossipStreet sent out, it made me look quite fetching."

"Yes, it was a great shower," agreed Rebecca, rubbing her own belly through her chiffon wrap dress. "Can you believe that my husband, Stavros, really wanted to come? I don't think the poor dear quite understands what a Baby Shower is."

"Bradley is so proud to be a father," said Taylor. "He's a poor dear. Do you want to know why?"

"Of course," said Nikotai. "You'll tell us, won't you? We're best friends, we keep each other's secrets."

"OK," said Taylor dropping her voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "But swear to me that no one will ever hear this!"

They all swore solemnly.

"Bradley uses condoms every time we make love," whispered Taylor. "But I had an affair with Jack Grierson for several weeks beginning on my wedding night. He always fucked me bareback! I've gotten the DNA results -- he's the father!"

They all gasped.

"I thought I was the only one with such a secret," said little Jia, whose big belly made her look unbalanced. "I slept with Jack too."

"You!" exclaimed Taylor. "You were saving yourself for Shoab!"

"I really wanted it to be special with Shoab," said Jia, blushing prettily. "But Jack and I got talking during the champagne brunch at your wedding, Taylor -- about erotic art. It got very explicit and I was possessed by these feelings that I did not understand. I don't remember how it happened, but suddenly I was sucking his enormous cock right here, in this parlor. Then he lifted me on to that desk over there and fucked me. I was a maiden, a virgin, and I bled a lot. I was so tight that he really hurt me at first. But then my feminine juices washed away the blood and he made me cum very hard. Twice."

"And your baby ..." began Nikotai.

"Shoab did not want a baby so soon, he wanted to move back to Pakistan before having children. So it was Jack who continually put his sperm into me, fucking me without protection, almost every day! We even found a way to make love on my wedding day. The child in my womb is his!"

Rebecca looked from Taylor to Jia, her eyes wide with shock.

"I can't believe this!" she said sharply. The others shushed her and she checked herself with an effort. "I had an affair with Jack Grierson during that same time! It began on your wedding day, Nikki -- and I think he impregnated me during that first fuck. I was ovulating then, I was very fertile." She tried to restrain herself, but venom seeped into her voice as she went on. "I gave him such hard rides, he should have had nothing left!"

Now all three of them looked to Nikotai. She put up her hands.

"He's a stud bull," she said. "I'm one of his cows too -- I'm already lactating. I hate the bastard, but sex with him is pure heaven. Just this morning, we gave each other oral sex and he suckled my milk. He made me cum so hard, I was screaming."

Nikotai was surprised to see Taylor, Jia and Rebecca's faces became uniformly hostile. The penny dropped very slowly.

"My God," she breathed at length. "He bred all four of us, but he hasn't had sex with the three of you for months, has he? You're all jealous of me!" Her voice turned catty. "I guess that sex with me is just better. I'll give you something more to envy -- he's promised to impregnate me again as soon as this one is born."

* * * * * *

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